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    Any 2014 TA's for sale? Under 90k ($US)
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    KILLER DEAL on a 2014 GTS

    So do I. Well done and congrats!
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    Buy a '14 or waiting for a '15 ... hmm

    The short answer would be to check with one of major Viper dealers or even call the SRT hotline if it still exists. We want to believe that the order system has been fixed; and that Dodge will do the very best they can with the potential increase in dealer orders due to all the new marketing...
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    Buy a '14 or waiting for a '15 ... hmm

    Both scenarios are very tempting but you're going to be happier pulling the trigger sooner than later. That said, I have a silver genIV with the black ACR wheels and because of my location (less inventory / fewer "deals") will likely order a '15. Currently you can only order the GT in black...
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    Deposit down and ordered Hellcat today

    The above is pretty accurate although some questionable dealers are now advertising their fictional allocation, with the cry of get your orders (deposits) in now! It won't take long for some stores to collect over 100k in "deposits" ... and then what? This will also apply to the Hellcat...
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    Great price on new Viper TA if anyone is interested

    Ditto with me in my GenIV (just hit 200lb. - the only meat being Bison). Perhaps from driving it more and finally breaking in the seat I have gained almost an inch of headroom! Some of the sub $100,000 cars are being picked up by dealers which originally had their orders delayed or...
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    Deposit down and ordered Hellcat today

    5% higher than USA - Pretty close to what is being floated here on the west coast ... "Built in Canada, but with a maximum of 6 hellcats per month allocated for the Canadian dealer network with preference going to the volume SRT stores."
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    It's with heavy heart I have to post this.

    It is often mandatory to destroy items of value for tax and/or liability (safety) reasons. Likely a person or entity has already benefited monetarily from this vehicle and, laws being laws, sealed its fate. There were many names scrawled on the windshield as well as the obvious "Shane" on the...
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    Let's be real, what would it take? Only short answers please

    Adequate headroom from the factory - don't care how it's done - so the taller guys can maximize their track experience.
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    Beyond The 2014 Viper?

    ohlarikd;3224131 "Its almost like guys who bought the car are being defensive. Its an awesome car, but it seems with a limited audience. Something needs to change with the direction of the car, in my opinion. I'll say it again, I am not a Gen V basher, I love the new car. But with ~475...
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    The very best Viper ever built !!

    Indeed. Uncharacteristic "need to validate my Gen.V purchase" induced c_____ **** by many posters in this thread.
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    Gen 5 raffle now open!!

    - Has the $120,000 vehicle actually been transferred to a private individual? Can anyone from the VCA confirm who the bona-fide new owner of the raffle car is?
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    Let's try to help SRT save/sell the GEN V.

    So absurd it's actually brilliant! A "Viper-lite" with a 6.4 hemi or 6.2 Helcat and the paddle shift 8sp. option, even starting at 20k less, would attract enough buyers to offset the lack of current sales.
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    Let's try to help SRT save/sell the GEN V.

    - Enough headroom so anyone 6'2" can fit wearing a helmet. - F1 paddle shift option. - base model with 15 - 20K price reduction. (Less creature comforts and/or carbon fiber if needed to accomplish this ... many of us could "personally" make up the weight difference.)