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    Jesel Shaft Mounted rockers for a GEN II

    Anyone selling a New or lightly used set of Jesel Shaft mounted rockers for a Gen II? If so, please DM or email [email protected] any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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    New Viper owner

    2001 Z06 Millenium Yellow
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    New Viper owner

    Congrats! Interestingly, I too own the same exact combo "96 GTS & C5Z06 :beer:
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    1998 Viper GT2 OEM Canard value?

    Canards are Sold.
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    1998 Viper GT2 OEM Canard value?

    Quick question for those "in the know" What's fair resale value on a new set of OEM 1998 GT2 Canards? TIA!
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    Gen 1 owners ... Please report

    ViperRed, that is one mighty fine example!
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    A & C Performance...5 Diamond Rating...Outstanding Tuner

    Todd & Crew truly are an ELITE group of Professionals who know their Sh%#!! Glad we have them in Cali.:headbang:
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    WTB: 96-99 GTS. CA buyer

    Shoot me a PM, may have what your looking for.
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    Looking to Own Gen II GTS

    Chris, not sure what happened, I will resend. Thanks!
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    Looking to Own Gen II GTS

    PM sent on available GTS.
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    Aftermarket exhaust making the 02 viper louder!

    Simple solution is the rear muffler delete system, not as costly as a Cat-Back exhaust. If interested, send me a PM as I have one for sale.
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    Car Sold - Easy way to Finish Transaction

    I've dealt with a similar situation with a cashiers check for means of payment. I held the title and released the car until funds cleared. if the arrangement goes bad, report the vehicle stolen to the authorities.
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    2000 GTS - Price Question

    Appears to be missing the Viper emblems on the fender & front fascia, possible repaint or someone removed for stealth appeal...My .02
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    96 GTS with 80K for 30K????

    Nuf said!:2tu:
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    For you guys that have owned multiple gen2s

    Anton, PM sent, cleared in box again. Thanks!