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    Looking for cheaper insurance thats reliable. Tell me who you use. I use Hagertyat over $1000 per year.

    I pay $600 a year, 300k/500k BI/UIM, 100k property damage, $500 deductible for collision and emergency roadside service. GEICO, bundled with my other 2 cars, house and umbrella policy. In SE Pennsylvania.
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    Vanity Plate

    I have GLBL WMR on my Viper and haven't been hassled (yet - let me find some wood to knock on).
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    The Viper Search

    Live in eastern PA, bought mine in Chicago. Flew out with the wife and drove it back. One of my best decisions ever. I think I'd actually be disappointed if it was local.
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    looking for a Gen IV convertible boot.

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a new boot?
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    08 hood heat extractor grills

    What about the grills themselves? Any link to buy those?

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