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    New Viper owner here in CT.

    Good luck on your new car. Juliana
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    Caffeine & carburetors - Sept 8th New Canaan, CT

    Steve, What time are you leaving in the am? Do you want to meet up with J and I anywhere? Juliana
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    Caffeine & carburetors - Sept 8th New Canaan, CT

    Steve, This sounds really awesome....please count us in. attending: Jimmy and Juliana (Jimmy just doesn't know it yet) Thanks for bringing this to our attention. J&J
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    Caffeine & carburetors - Sept 8th New Canaan, CT

    Hey Steve, Would you mind writing out the details regarding this event? Juliana ( the other J in J&J)
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    From J&J Thanks for the great time, as always the food was great, the weather was perfect, the cruise was fun, and the hosts were marvelous. Thanks for the memories of all the years you had the clambake.
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    Splash CT Brunch Cruise Aug. 4th 2013

    more splash pics from J & J Splash pics from J&J
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    NY/CT: Annual Summer Bash @ "Oaklands" Hamptons July 21st

    busy beyond humid JIMMMMMYYYYYY Is so busy beyond the humidity! (Have you seen jimmy?) is now my reality! I curse you all! Lol lol lol ... Especially acrsteve! Lol lol This heat has him working beyond the abyss. If someone was to find Waldo I would consider him as a temp event sub All joking...
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    Raging Rapids May 5th

    What time is your son's game?
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    Soon to be a New Yorker!

    I can truly appreciate moving to an area with a great exhaust system.....ooops....I mean school system and shopping.
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    Soon to be a New Yorker!

    Greetings HobokenViper and Welcome. I too was a Brooklyn transplant to Connecticut. I am familiar with the Armonk area, and have many friends who love the town and the school system. New York and Connecticut have many places to enjoy cruising, dining, sights, family areas and of course, the "NY...
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    Red Barn Brunch Sunday March 17th

    Re: Red Barn Brunch Sunday March 17th Those Attending: Jimmy & Juliana Chuck +1 Ed & Courtney John & Debbie
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    Red Barn Brunch Sunday March 17th

    Jimmy and Juliana (can we sneak Marlee our baby Labrador under Jimmy's jacket?)
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    NY/CT Holiday Party 1/12/13

    Oh JIMMY!....Juliana would really like this for her office. (Uh Hum...hint hint hint) please feel free to contact JIMMY to advise him of my "wants."
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    Happy Thanks Giving......

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    A thank you to our Veterans.

    I would like to take a moment and send a thank you to all the veterans who have served our Country. In addition to all the men and woman who are over and beyond presently serving. You are thought of and appreciated. Lastly, you have, did, and do make a difference in the lives of others. Again...