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Jan 19, 2018
Jan 19, 2009
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Jan 19, 2018
    1. patgilm
      sorry, meant to send a PM
    2. wes
      Hey man If you don't mind I was wondering if you could recommend a good paint shop to paint an 08 hood. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on one and was looking at places and prices. Thanks a lot in advance.

    3. FLATOUT
      PM sent Scott!
    4. stolleson
      Regarding the great looking job on Andy Wheeler's car.
      I have a Red 2003 and want to do this type of look!
      Could you provide the details on the paint job on the hood and trunk?
      Is this black paint with a red stripe on the trunk? Is just the top of trunk painted? Or does the paint job continue down the back of the car?
      On the hood, is this black paint or clear coat with a colored additive?
      What did he add to the front spoiler and where did you buy it? Carbon Fiber?
      Do you have a close up of the hood so I can see if it has a black paint look or a carbon fiber look?

      How much to paint the car and who did the work? Phone number?

      Thanks, Scott Tolleson
    5. FLATOUT
      HAHA I bet you are! Well your due an update at least I will find out where we are tomorrow and give you a call! Have a good Friday Jeff!
    6. Jersey Jeff
      Jersey Jeff
      I'm ready for delivery! ;-)
    7. FLATOUT
      Hey Glover! Nice to see you over here!

      I thanks for the Viper help man, I am hoping to finally buy one when my vette sells.

      As for the printing I do outsource it to a buddy of mine from the forum. Alain Bandomo the owner of Modular Concept Wheels also owns a print shop. He does offset printing and his prices are great but he does large quantities only. I can buy in either lots of 500 or 1,000 but they are very inexpensive at that price.

      Go to www.modular-concept.com and give them a call. Ask to speak with Alain (Align) and tell him I sent ya!

      BTW I have had him print on two different papers for me and the heavier card stock is awesome!

      Thanks Buddy!

      Andy Wheeler
    8. ZO6KLR
      Hey Andy,

      I thought your screen name looked familiar. I frequent the C5 forum quite a bit. Glad to see you over here. If you have an q's concerning Viper's just holler at me. I am the one who did the flame work on Jim's car, just so you know who I am.

      If you don't mind, who does your poster printing? I will be coming out with some original Viper artwork and the printer I am looking at to reproduce my giclees is a little out of range at the moment. Do you print yours or outsource?



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