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I Bin Therbefor
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Jun 25, 2014
Jan 12, 2012
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I Bin Therbefor


I Bin Therbefor was last seen:
Jun 25, 2014
    1. I Bin Therbefor
      I Bin Therbefor
      Not a VCA member and no current Vipers, The wife has approved the purchase of a gunmetal pearl with black interior - her color choices - now awaiting financial advisor's approval. We saw that color combination at the dealer in Franklin TN last week. An SRT, not a GTS as desired. The wife has hip problems so we're not too sad about waiting a bit as we have hopes for an auto version in the near future.
      We live in Tullahoma TN but are moving to a retirement community in Chapel Hill, NC in September.

      Good to hear from you

      John Poparad
      Originally from Canton, then Shaker Heights, then some other eastern sub for my folks.
    2. SLViper
      I see you are in Nashville, Grew up in Ohio and love Vipers.
      Same Here. Are you a VCA member? current Vipers? We live in Gallatin and I also swear I will not go back to Northern Ohio, (Bellevue) Between Toledo and Cleveland. LOL
      Have a Great Day!
      Steve Laviola
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