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May 22, 2020
Dec 8, 1997
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Columbia River Gorge
I sell Dodge Viper Parts and Accessories

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Viper Owner, from Columbia River Gorge

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May 22, 2020
    1. SuperBird4404BBL

      What would the price be on a 2006, front bumper cover... Viper Blue with shipping to 18944?? Don't need one, but............
    2. Y2K10 SRT#39
      Y2K10 SRT#39
      Jon- When will they close CAAP? Has another build site been found or discussed?
    3. Rolstar
      I am setting up an order tracker for the numbered prints. The order form will go online this week. Any particular number print you want and what size?
    4. PacificSEASnake

      I'm in need of a few parts for my Viper and hope you can help me out with prices/info. (All for a 2004 SRT-10)

      #1. Full set of PS2's (stock rims). I'm in Washington, so with the sales tax, am I better off going to Tire Rack for these? And for install, can you recommend someone in the east-of-Seattle Area? (I'm about 30 min. away from Maltby Motorsports unless you know of someone else in the area.)

      #2. Left side, lower inner fender and the driving light cover/door.

      #3. The "air deflector" thing behind the left front tire. I think its purpose is to upset the air to cool the cats?

      #4. A few washer headed body panel screws (seems they don't like the vibrations of a 500hp daily driver). I suppose I could get these at Tacoma Screw, but it'd be so much easier if you have a few in stock.

      I appreciate your time and effort. #2 & 3 happened before I bought the car, so I'm not sure what happened. The driving light bulb is broken off in the housing, so until I pull it out, I'm not sure if I'll need to replace the housing too.
      Also not needed yet - what brake pads would you recommend for 100% street driven Viper? No track time due to no one that I have found will allow the stock roll hoops.:( for just a few driver training/HPDE events/year, what would be the best solution - rollbar or hardtop?

      Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.

      Charley Reid
      Sammamish, WA
    5. JonB
      You are a HANDSOME man, JonB........
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    Home Page:
    Columbia River Gorge
    I sell Dodge Viper Parts and Accessories
    VCA Member Number:
    Jon Brobst
    Int'l Viper Registry NW Region Charter President 93-95
    VCA "Founding Fourteen" 1995
    VCA Nat'l Secty-Treasurer 95-97
    VCA Nat'l Secretary 98-99
    VCA NW Region President 95-02
    VCA National / Regional Sponsor 96-13
    SRT Viper Cup Sponsor and Pace Car Driver, 2010-13

    Dog Mushing; Fishing; Road-Racing....not in that order


    JonB~ Int'l Viper Registry NW Region Charter Pres 93-95;VCA "Founding Fourteen" 1995;VCA Nat'l Secty-Treasurer 95-97;VCA Nat'l Secretary 98-99;VCA NW President 95-02;VCA National / Regional Sponsor 96-13;SRT Viper Cup Sponsor, 2010-13
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