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    ISO Viper TA

    Prefer Orange but open to White or Black. PM me or text me at 336-508-9500
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    2000 GTS Alignment

    The service manual has a very protracted procedure for aligning the Viper. Has anyone had experience getting their Gen 2 alignment at a "normal" shop? Factory specs? Other specs?
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    Searching For A GTS

    There is a 2000 gray in the marketplace Opelika, AL that will be close, almost bought it but found another one - comes with two set of wheels. If you sell one set you might be able to get at or under $45K. Looks really nice, tasteful updates and super nice owner.
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    Buying a 2000 GTS with TNT options

    I am picking up a very nice and low miles, one owner 2000 GTS tomorrow. The owner has told me that when he bought the car he shipped it to Roy Terpstra (TNT) and that they "tore the engine down and rebuilt it completely" but unfortunately any paperwork he had on it was stolen from his office...