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    ISO Gen 3/4 Viper

    #079/300 Here. Congrats and good luck with it!
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    New to me 2004 Viper

    I recommend getting the front bumper, sills and rear covered with a clear bra.
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    AC not cold enough for FL

    Yeah, I am in Florida as well and my 2005 Copperhead is ice cold. You should have the system checked. It could be a pressure switch or your temp sensor. lots of possibilities.
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    Aftermarket exhaust question

    The MOPAR exhaust is no longer offered in two versions as far as I know. There is just this one I think. I live in Florida, so I removed the crossover pipes underneath and put Gen 4 tips...
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    The right place to advertise a 96 GTS

    I see you are in Washington state. I have been looking casually for the past year and feverishly for the past month and I notice cars from Washington tend to fetch lower prices. I would imagine the distance to the larger cities and the fact that you have long, salty winters scares quite a few...
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    Opinion on this 02 FE

    Price seems appropriate given the mileage if it is a clean title with no major wrecks and presents well.
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    The right place to advertise a 96 GTS

    Post your ad please, I am looking.
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    2004 Viper

    How much?
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    2005 SRT-10 For Sale 24k miles 39k or Make Me an Offer

    What is the mileage, I may be interested.
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    2004 Viper

    I may be interested, let me know which way this goes. Thanks.