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Mopar Boy
Last Activity:
Dec 20, 2017
Nov 2, 2007
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May 27
Ontario and Ohio

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Mopar Boy

Enthusiast, from Ontario and Ohio

Mopar Boy was last seen:
Dec 20, 2017
    1. Phun70
      Yo Robert!! Any news about a caravan to Texas for VOI? Call me at 515-249-1793 and let me know!!
    2. mkviper96
    3. mkviper96
      Robert can you send me your email. I want to forward and email from the Holiday Inn about trailer parking, etc.
    4. divinedave
    5. JRC
    6. Phun70
      Robert, could you please e-mail me a high resolution copy of the photo you took of our cars at the dragstrip? The one that wound up in viper magazine?
    7. JAY
      Hi Robert ! Are you going on the Brampton Plant Tour ,on the 20th of February ? :)
      I had it made that color combination at Car Cover World ( $348 in 2008).
      It's call the Weathershield HP. SKU # C16687PX. The material is really nice, kinda like a spandex material, has a great stretch to it. I also have some embriodering on the hood area. Easy to wash in the house washing machine. No drying thought allow air dry.
      I highly recommend it. Your won't be disappointed.
    9. Rapps
      oh dang I lied we have one friend mike and juli- (bad memory old age)
    10. Rapps
      gee you'd be our first friend aw aw almost touching or should I say......sweet?
    11. Phun70
      Sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye Robert, I enjoyed seeing you again and hope to be able to make it out to VOI 11. I would love to see you at the black hills invasion that the minnesota club has planned as well. Let me know. Mark AKA: "Throttle"
    12. Phun70
      See you there my brother from another mother!
    13. Phun70
      Robert, Are you going to the last viper off the line event??? If so, I'll see you there. Also, My YELLOW Viper is coming along nicely. Mark. AKA:Throttle.
    14. Phun70
      Hey Robert, Send my your pics would ya?
    15. Gotvenom 08
      Gotvenom 08
      Well that depends! Do I know you? :)
    16. Stretch
      Dude, you joined the forums the day after me! That's wacky.
    17. Phun70
      Yo, Robert. Are you going to come to the Event in Branson MO? It is october 17/18 and I will be there for sure!!! Hope to see you and stretch there. You had better get your hotel room now though as they are going fast!!!!
    18. Phun70
      How do I put in a picture on here for an avatar?
    19. Phun70
      I didn't tell you Robert- I got an estimate on the damage to the front end of my Viper and it came to 11,000 dollars. Do you believe that ****?
    20. Phun70
      Robert--did you get back north yet? Throttle
    21. InjectTheVenom
      Zoinks! Like I just added you to my friends list :)
    22. BB Racin 77
      BB Racin 77
      Hey Mopar Boy,
      I see you are asking questions about racing. Where are you located? I'm in Vaughan
    23. ViperGTS
      You have to!
      If your OPA is from Schwarzwald, you have to visit the Black Forrest area!
    24. mike & juli
      mike & juli
      Yeah, I know...got your message...wanna eat lunch together???(kindy-garten!)
      LOL...I LIKE this...except EVERYONE else can read these messages! YOU are a riot, my friend! GLAD to have you onboard! ~juli
    25. mike & juli
      mike & juli
      lol...you Robert a quite a riot!!! NICE to make friends witcha....juli
    26. A99SilverACR
      Were you at the Mopar NAts with the Yellow ACR?
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    May 27
    Ontario and Ohio
    VCA Member Number:
    Eat, sleep, and breath Mopars

    Dodge Diesel Trucks, Mopar Muscle Cars, and Vipers


    2002 GTS ACR, Mopar 3.73's, 20" HRE front & rear, Autoform LeMans Wing, a few other goodies :D

    It is said to never waste a day. Thank you SRT and Mopar for living by those words and giving us the products that get us out of bed in the morning. :):drive:

    Oh. And red cars are slow and yellow cars rock!! :pbt:

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