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    77 Vipers

    Are the vehicles organized and displayed in some way, by gen, year etc (1992 to 2014 for example)? Might be informative to see such a collection if the 77 represent all the Gens and specialty ones as well. Interesting to see how an automobile evolves mechanically and by design.
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    77 Vipers

    Might have $3-4 millions worth of Dodge vipers. I would rather have a much smaller variety of exotic cars, Ferraris, Mclaren, Lamborghini, Pagani etc. for the same money.
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    How rare is my car?

    It's really rare in Greensburg, LA.....j/k. Doesn't matter what year, what gen, what's a Viper and only about 30,000 have ever been made. Maybe not rare but certainly each one is very special
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    My viper was keyed very bad "graphic pictures "

    You would hope so, given the extent of the damage (>$1000) and being willful/malicious versus negligent. This should be a felony crime. Check your state's criminal code.
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    Real viper prices

    I have bought and enjoyed 3 vipers (2002, 2006, 2013). The 2002 was modded which I regreted. I knew very little about vipers at that time. I would not buy someone else's mods. Buy stock. The gen 3 and 5 were stock and remained so. Only buy used, if you can verify the history, how the car was...
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    Newbie intro

    Two recent hernia repairs = no more sports cars of any kind and automatic transmission only. Each was a blast to drive in its own way. Now I am driving a boat or feels like a boat.
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    Show us your garage!

    Downsized (just me and girlfriend) and built a much smaller house and 2 hernia repairs. End result... no more sports car of any kind and automatic transmission only.
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    Newbie intro

    Viperless for 2 months now. Had an 02, then an 06, and the 13 for a year. Welcome anyway from another in South Louisiana (about 100 miles closer to the Gulf)
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    Downshift to brake?

    Of course I am a poser driver, driving 3 vipers in a row at the speed limit, and never a street race. Had the gen 5 for a year and cannot recall exceeding 4500 rpms. What the **** was someone like me doing in such a driver's car.....scandalous I tell you. Should not be allowed. Having elevated...
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    Downshift to brake?

    Have driven mostly manual transmissions for 40 years. From tearing up the streets of London in Triumphs to 3 vipers (Gen 5 last one). I have always downshifted to assist in braking which I suppose is different to braking. If I see a red light well ahead and have plenty of time, I very gently...
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    General question about Gen V features

    I have a different viewpoint from Bruce, Nineball, and others that actually have the knowledge and skills to properly drive the Gen V. I have no such skills and still managed to thoroughly enjoy 3 vipers (02, 06, 13). The Gen V in particular is splendid fun even in the hands of an unskilled...
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    no more viper (no more sports car for me)

    Thank you all for such kind words and I remain just as interested in the past, present, and future of the viper, an automobile that has thoroughly seduced me over its generations. Bob, although I earned a graduate pathology degree through the Pathology Dept of a medical school, I am not an MD...
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    no more viper (no more sports car for me)

    After owning a Gen 2,3, and 5 for one year, and recently two hernia repairs, I traded the gen 5 because I could not get in and out of it without aching and even operating the clutch was becoming painful. So no more sports car for me at all. Still have the SUV, but replaced the viper with an...
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    The slowest viper in the world

    Agree. I'm 63, my first fastish car was back in 1972, a V12 Jaguar E-type. Had sports cars on and off ever since. Lost the need for speed but still need the fast car look and feel. I also don't have the reflexes and skills anymore. Know a few much younger than I, that have wrecked their...
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    The slowest viper in the world

    It's my third viper and I seem to be going slower and slower with each incremental hp increase. I do enjoy it. It's almost a daily for me (commute is very very short). Going 100 miles each way on business tomorrow...iikely take the viper. Don't care about mileage,,,, having too much fun being...

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