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Paul Hawker
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Apr 3, 2017
Oct 1, 2000
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San Diego, Calif, USA
Small business owner

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Paul Hawker

Enthusiast, from San Diego, Calif, USA

Paul Hawker was last seen:
Apr 3, 2017
    1. Paul Hawker
      Paul Hawker

      That would be fantastic.

      Due to weather, do you tend to go out the night before so you can get some laps in while it is still cool?

    2. zim32
      Hi Paul,

      Noticed you were in the San Diego area...just wanted to offer you the opportunity to drive the road course at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in desert Center, Ca....if you haven't already done so.

      I've been a member there since it's opening. I keep a Comp Coupe out there and just took my new TA out there this past week. Fun and safe track..would be great to have some more Vipers to run with..:)

    3. GmanSRT10
      It's a 99 GTS coupe. My email is [email protected] Thank you for all the help. I just got the car.
    4. GmanSRT10
      I may be interested in the harnesses you have for sale.
    5. Cop Magnet
      Cop Magnet
      Yeah, your avatar has generated lots of visits I see!
    6. Neil - UK
      Neil - UK
    7. Paul Hawker
      Paul Hawker
      Hi Mike.

      I live just south of you in Rancho Bernardo.

      We have lots of active Viper owners in the area.

      Our next club event will be on March 20th. We will meet up at the Shell gas station at El Norte Parkway and i-15, just North of the 78 fwy about 9:30 am for a cruise up to Julian for lunch. Great way to meet some of the local owners.

      We usually coordinate our events on the www.socalviper.com website.

      You can learn more about the club there, and see if you might wish to join.

      We are scheduling a huge event in Salt Lake City at the end of September. Should be over a thousand Vipers there.

      Hope to see you at the run.

      There is also a fantastic Viper service center in Temecula, A&C Performance. They do most of the service/repairs/hop up parts for the local guys.

      Please let me know if you have any specific interests.

      I was the Past President of the club, and know most of the people.


    8. 2002_red_gts
      hello sir, my name is mike im in th e navy here in san diego on the 32 st and i recently bought a 2002 gts and would like to meet viper owners in SD. I currently live in escondido and dont no anyone up here with a vip
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    San Diego, Calif, USA
    Small business owner
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    Past President, Southern California ViperClub, Past Director at Large, Past Zone Director Western Region

    Viper racing


    Paul Hawker, San Diego
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    beep beep, beep beep YEA!

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