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    VOI & VCA - Background Info

    VCA is the club that brings all the Viper owners together with local regional clubs and the main National club. You can join this club as an owner, and will need your Vehicle Identification Number when you fill out the form on the JOIN! button above. The VOI is a gathering every other year of...
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    WB Chrysler Museum Closing Its Doors For Good

    There goes the Viper Cafe that was paid for by so many owners.
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    Coronado speed week car show tickets?

    Sent you an email. Should be able to get problem. Lots of parking, just need to arrange a Paddock pass.
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    To sell or not to sell

    A Viper with 6,000 miles will not sell for much more than a Viper with 12,000 miles. Enjoy your car.
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    sooo... if 500 HP is not enough...

    Adding a Paxton will still give you that great drivability down low, but when you get the revs up, you will have all the Horsepower you can handle. Great fun for reasonable cost. If you keep the standard (almost 800 hp) tune, they are super reliable and only need more frequent oil changes.
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    member again, 2nd Viper..

    If your Viper has the 11 year old run flats, that could be a reason for the wandering. Putting on a fresh set of Pilot SuperSports will transform the ride and handling.
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    No Vipers in San Diego

    Lots of Vipers in San Diego. A bunch just got together last weekend in Carlsbad. We are an informal group and not involved too much in politics, so keep pretty low key, and just have fun together. Send me your e-mail via PM, and I'll try to hook you up with the local happenings. We also have...
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    Gen 5 viper value retention after 2017 brand discontinuing

    Predict that for a short while, Vipers will suffer at resale, simply because so many are on the market, and buyers can pick off the weakest sellers. As the supply is reduced, the prices will then rise dramatically, as there will be fewer available.
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    Whats your opinion.. should the Viper go mid engine?

    Think the ultimate solution for Viper, would be for it to become the stand alone ultra high performance brand for Chrysler. Think a updated vehicle like the current Viper, a mid-engine ultra car, a exotic and high output small two door coupe alongside a similar 4door hot hatch. One sports...
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    Moderators Promise

    One problem is that many posters have an agenda to cause damage. Helpful posts need to be encouraged, but Trolls and others do their damage under the guise of misguided PC.
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    WTB Gen2 GTS - Need advice for a potential California Viper owner

    Out of state Vipers, with over 7,500 miles on them are pretty easy to bring into California. Just need a visual inspection and they take down the VIN to make sure it is not stolen or has defective title. I am in San Diego, and owned a Gen II. If you find one locally, l would be happy to look it...
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    Club is here two stay II

    shooter. I lost all respect for you when I saw you bragging on the other forum about how you were going to post this **** over here. Get a life.
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    Club is here two stay II

    I kinda like Free. Often provides a fresh perspective, along with a unique sense of humor. Feel differently about those that only post to stir up trouble and offer no solutions. Think there is a special place in **** for them.
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    New Owner of 97 GTS Coupe in SD

    Chris. Lots of active Viper owners in San Diego. No need for wrenches. We have lots of established, professional and independent Viper mechanics in the area. Send me a PM if you want a list of places to take your Viper for service. Best advice for new owners is to make sure you have good...
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    What you guys think 2004 vs 2009 srt10?

    I had an 03 and 09. The 09 was a far better car, and sold it with 50,000 miles. It held up well over those miles. For my money, I would go with the 08. It has a stronger motor, stronger transmission, much better rear end and all around it was better built. Biggest change I made was upgrading...