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Jul 6, 2015
Oct 27, 2007
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Jul 6, 2015
    1. Real_Venom
      Are you still around? I have my Viper getting delivered next month. Been here a couple months and haven't seen one Viper besides the one for rent downtown.
    2. mralbuquerque
      Twister your pm box is full. If you don't mind clearing them out I can pm you.
    3. mralbuquerque
      Hello Mr. Twister its been a long time. What happened you fell off the face of the earth. I recently upgraded to twin turbos from RSI. I now have the pleasure of serving up z06 vettes and other supercharged turbo charged vehicles there a--. So far the kit has been flawless although I added cats because I couldn't stand the smell and the headaches I was getting driving it. On the waste gate only it made 700 hp and 760 lb ft torque on 5.6 lb's boost. Type in 645 viper on you tube to see my car before they started tuning it. Check out the low boost level yet it still made decent power. PM me back when you get a chance.

      Thanks, Charles T. in New Mexico
    4. Austin
      You dont accept apologies?
    5. Austin
      **** you, you over-roided piece of ****. Dont you have a pond to dig for you MOMA? LMAO, fag.
    6. Canyon707
      Hey Twister check out my new video on YouTube. go to MrCanyon707
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