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Jul 21, 2015
May 9, 2007
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June 24
Kingston Springs, TN
Import broker, side biz: Rim Repair and Restoratio

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Enthusiast, from Kingston Springs, TN

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Jul 21, 2015
    1. fairway2002

      I have to 01 wheels I would like fixed. Whats the average cost? just a little curb scratches

    2. dru282
      Hey Chip. Would like to talk about those 3.73 gears. I don't even know what a fair price would be. I assume they are in good shape. What about like $150. Again I don't know the going rate for used gears
    3. myviper
      Chip, hello, its Mark, from Franklin, we emailed from Craigslist.
      I have not forgotten about you, and I do still want to get my wheels touched up. The Viper will be coming out of winter storage in about a week, so sometime after that I will be giving you a call.
      Best wishes and talk to you soon!
      Mark Meholchick
      2000 RT red/cognac
    4. viper209
      Hello Chip
      I will be driving to VOI11 from Atlanta and wanted to see your plans and perhaps caravan with you?
    5. uvbnbit
      Thanks. I'd been following that. Sounded like it was going to be fun.
      Presidential candidate??? :D
    6. Slypopsracing
      Chip, Just to touch base, Adams Hudson really went over the top last weekend with the ride and museum trip, only 4 VCA members but lots of future members! Good reliable member for any middle Al events!
    7. uvbnbit
      Sgt Blinn ? (uh, I mean, Bwinn!)
    8. Sapphire RT/Tn
      Sapphire RT/Tn
      Hey Chip! what was our ROTC instructors name? I can't remember, must be too much bwother jack or the weft handed cagawettes. I was tellin some guys here at work about the FTX weekend. carrots, taters, and a live chicken. that was special.
    9. uvbnbit
      We're planning on coming out. Won't be necessary to rake drive for me!
      We need to bring anything? You invite Dana/Tracy?
    10. Sapphire RT/Tn
      Sapphire RT/Tn
      Hope y'all can make it friday nite. The address is 1008 dickens drive, mt juliet, 37122. If you need directions let me know. I'll rake the driveway extra smooth for ya.
    11. Sapphire RT/Tn
      Sapphire RT/Tn
      Chip, It looks like we are going to get everybody together on friday oct 16 at my house. I guess around 6:00. I'll be off that day so anytime is good. I hope you and the wife can make it. See ya.
    12. Sapphire RT/Tn
      Sapphire RT/Tn
      Hey Chip! I've been talking to some of the old high school gang lately. Debra and I are going to try to get everyone together for a bon-fire party at our house soon. I'll keep you informed.
    13. Charles Bridges
      Charles Bridges
      Hey Chip It's Charlie and Stephanie. We are planning to come to Tony's for the weekend bbq.
    14. Roysviper

      Just a last minute get together here in N/Florida. Several of us Viper owners are cruising to the Destin area this Saturday. Probly at least 5 or 6 Vipers, Anyone wanna join us??? Happy Vipering.....Roy 850-516-3259 or [email protected]
    15. mike & juli
      mike & juli
      I didn't get a 'friends' notice from ya...boooohoooooo...I don't know how it all works tho! This is quite fun...and FUN is the name of the game for ME anyway lately...I make my OWN fun, as you can tell! Life had been just wayyyy tooooo serious for tooooo longggg...gotta make your OWN humor in life, and YOU, my friend, help that, thank you! Hope you enjoy your yard work (bleahhhh) AND can go for a cruise this weekend...hope you get good weather...we're to have some rain on and off. Thanx for joining in on CHAT, always good to 'talk' to ya....tho we talk nonsense, I know! lol...juli
    16. mike & juli
      mike & juli
      Hey, can we 'be friends'...lol...this is new! I was just checking to see if you were online..NOT stalking ya! this is cool....come on CHAT if you wish! Stephen is there now/smcosta....juli
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    June 24
    Kingston Springs, TN
    Import broker, side biz: Rim Repair and Restoratio
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    AL/TN President '07-'08,'09-'10


    VCA President AL/TN Region '07-'08, '09-'10
    '98 Silver RT/10
    Bone Stock....when it left the factory :D