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Apr 15, 2013
Sep 20, 2009
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Downingtown, PA

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Viper Owner, from Downingtown, PA

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Apr 15, 2013
    1. atwal87
      Victor, tried to pm you but your inbox is full
    2. rpm9000
      Have you gotten your heads done yet? I was wondering about how much the job on the heads runs, if you don't mind me asking? I was going to change my cam and headgaskets this winter but I hate to do all that work and not get the heads ported and polished.

    3. PAvenomRT/10
      Hi Victor,
      I assume this is you Victor as i am sure not too many red RT/10's with white stripes in Downingtown. I enjoyed meeting you and your wife at Pocono and hope we meet again soon at another cool VCA event. Sorry i missed you guys before departing. After second session i decided to call it a day. It was a tremendous event and enjoyed the track very much.
    4. SuperBird4404BBL
      I'll bring the navigators number with me.
      I'll be 267/249-5609
    5. Venomiss
      Welcome! Beautiful Viper!
      Figured you might want to know where to go for things you may need on your Viper.
      Here's the complete list and area for all sponsors here with contact/review information.

      If you want to change to Viper owner be sure and PM kcobean or Lee00blacksilverGTS here with your profile filled out and the VIN of your car.
      If you want to join the VCA here is the information and how to do it.
      If you join on October 1st I believe you can get the rest of this year and all of next with a full member price-it's only for brand new members and a great deal. Join the VCA by October 2nd and you are also eligible to purchase raffle tickets if they are still available by then too.;)
      Hopefully you will join the VCA and get the most out of your Viper owner experience.
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    Downingtown, PA
    Golf, Skiing


    1994 RT/10 - Smooth Tubes, Tom's 40mm Brakes, Belanger Headers, High Flow Cats/Catback, Ported Heads, Cam, 1.7's