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    Gen 3 intake manifold needed.

    Hello all, I have been in the search for a Gen 3 intake manifold for a while with no luck. Does anyone know where I might find a manifold for sale? Thanks,
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    Help! Sitting ‘04 Viper

    *Sorry in advance for any ignorance or stupid questions.* I recently inherited my dads ‘04 SRT-10. I went to take it out of storage the other day and found out it’s been sitting, essentially untouched, for about 15 months. (Viper budget was reallocated for medical expenses.) Anyway, I have...
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    Help - Engine making weird noise above 4000 rpm near full load

    I have a 98 Viper GTS. Near end of my last track event it started making a weird noise above 4000 rpm near full load. No noise at all below 4000 rpm even at full load. This is very repeatable. video link (not my account)...
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    FS: 05-06 Shortblocks, exhaust, wheels, etc.

    Hey guys, I have a bunch of Viper stuff for sale. -(2) OEM brand new 05-06 8.3l shortblocks. Asking $6,000 each. -3" Roe mid cat test pipes (cat deletes) and Corsa sport exhaust system. Asking $1,400 for both. -Niche 1-piece Forged Monotec Zen T26 wheels (19/20). Asking $2,990 for set with...
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    Viper Engine for Sale

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but I have a Viper engine for sale if anyone is interested. It is in pieces. I have the block, heads, intake, crank and cam, pistons and rods, controller. A friend of mine was going to use it for a project but passed away. His son would like to sell it...