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    1995 Dodge Viper - Red RT/10 - FOR SALE!

    Hi All, the day we thought would never come.... :) I have a clean Canadian Viper that has been running strong for the last 10 years I have owned it. It has about 48,000 miles. (I will update this posting with the exact number once I put the battery in). The car can be seen in its best...
  2. L

    2002 RT/10 stock cat back exhaust, grey car cover & original shifter

    Its seemingly been forever since I've sold RT/10 :-( and as I was looking thru my shop i realized I still had the original 6300 mile cat back system I removed when i installed a Corsa system on my RT. well since I no longer have the car theres no reason to keep it, the car cover or original...
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    Need Right Stanchion Plus The Exterior Cover For 95 RT/10

    I am looking for the right Stanchion (part no. 0ms72rx8) plus the exterior stanchion cover (part no. 0ms80rx8) for my 1995 RT/10