2008 Gen IV Total Redo Engine Upgrades


Aug 29, 2022
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Before I got my Gen IV viper it had sat at the previous owners son's "carport" for about 7 years and rarely driven. It even had the ORIGINAL tires dry rotted on them from 2008 :-O But that is addressed in another thread. After having and driving the car for a month or so I noticed several things. Slight temperature increases from time to time. Couple shifting sticks from time to time. Slight exhaust palpitations and WHITE smoke that smelled like BURNT WOOD coming out the sides after driving hard and coming to a stop. Well the white smoke was apparently from Squirrel nests that were hidden throughout and in near the manifolds. All in all 2 nests and about 300 acorns later all cleaned out. I spent about 6 months researching Viper performance shops and talking to Various people IE: Sneaky Snakes who helped me alot. In the end I chose Prefix. I would not recommend any other place in my opinion. Dick Winkles the "Original" Dodge Viper engineer "lots of great articles on these guys" http://bullmoosebravo.blogspot.com/2013/08/dick-winkles-twisted-tale-of-heroism.html some of the Original Dodge Viper R&D team are still there at Prefix. They have several Engine Menu builds to choose from. In the end I chose the Viper Gen4 Stage2 Engine, 745HP and 675 ftlbs of torque. It is VERY important to mention that Prefix is one of the ONLY builds like this that also redoes the BOTTOM HALF of the engine as well. Almost all other places are just Heads/Cam/headers/exhaust etc. These engines were topped out for 800HP MAX on the bottom end and had some historical problems with Power builds that did not address the bottom end. Which is why the 2008 got such a bad rap. Problem solved. Thank you Prefix.
· Viper Gen4 8.4L (512 cubic inches)
· Pump gas friendly (93 octane), 10.5 compression
· Factory engine control system with custom tune
· Factory Gen5 intake manifold and throttle bodies
· Custom Comp Stage2 camshaft (Non-VVT) with Comp cams double valve springs
· CNC cylinder heads with 2.125” diameter intake valves with 1.608” exhaust valves · Aluminum block with press in cast iron liners
· Factory forged 3.960” stroke crankshaft
· Lunati H-beam connecting rods with 0.927” piston pin
· Mahle 4.060” diameter bore forged pistons
Also to that list is American Racing Headers. Full Corsa free flow cutback exhaust. They also replaced a radiator fan, New upgraded thermostat, ac went out when up there so new compressor and few other smaller things.

I did couple more small things that put me right around 760HP/650-660RWHP and still all NA. The dif in Power and sound is just Absurd. The fastest I have had it so far is just over 130mph and had just got it into 4th gear. I may do a rack adjustment to just finalize things here in the near future. While the car was there I had them go over the car with a FINE tooth comb. I was already spending a pretty penny and told Dale Matthews I plan on having this car or awhile and when I get it back I dont want to have to do ANYTHING ELSE. I want it bulletproof. I can't say enough about these guys and how awesome they are. In the end they Redid and Fixed a TON of things for me that was MORE than reasonable which are all outlined in different threads in here on my car to keep it simple. Below is a list of things I did as a "whole". I have no problem sharing what I paid for any of the work I have done on my viper, where I got it done and or where I bought things. Feel free to send me a message. I don't care about being the fastest. Although there is not much one the road even "boosted" to 800hp that can keep up ;-) Remember the Viper is roughly 3,440 lbs example Hellcat 4,400lbs. Viper torque "mine" 675 ftlbs Hellcat 656ftlbs. Viper 10 cylinders Hellcat 8 cylinders. Heavier weight, slightly less torque and a V8 that has to work alot harder to push that 1,000+ lbs more. Again I am sure there are many Hellcats much faster than my car. Just pointing out the Hellcat is 2022 and Viper is 2008 so let that sink in. I have come to really appreciate the beauty and majesty of these cars. Just remember when these cars came out they literally beat the 911 and Vett in almost every category. Although in total Cave man T Rex fashion. Again there is always someone better and faster than you out there. I just love the sound of the NA and the longevity vs boosted engines. In close I had a friend of mine "who owns a 911" which is a phenomenal car ask me how I liked it and what it was like to drive it. I said when ur driving in your 911 picture yourself in a space shuttle, taking off, feeling the thrust inside your quiet cabin and enjoying the scenery. He said yeah that's great but that does not answer my question. I said ok. Now picture your self sitting strapped on to the outside of that space shuttle. Hope any of this helps others looking to upgrade as well. God Bless. If I can figure out how to post a video here can do one of the sound ;-)


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