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Apr 11, 2005
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I am the original owner of a 93 Viper (23 years old), which was used by Paxton to design and build their 1st Gen I Supercharged Viper. The results reflected 541 rwhp and 567 rwtrq.
I recently went to a renowned Viper tuner for over $ 7,500 in major maintenance: new cylinder head gaskets, hot tank heads, replace seals, fuel injectors cleaned & balanced, spark plug wires, AC work, new shifter, tie rods and the list goes on. In addition I had a pinging or detonation issue.
Bottom line: after picking up the Viper, I continued to have performance issues. The Viper did not have 500wrhp power and had hiccups… seemed like a fuel problem. After a few trips back to the Tuner a MSD fuel pump booster was installed. Issues continued. This Tuner had no Dyno in his shop.
I decided to change Tuners and have my Viper put on Dyno jet for true HP & Torque. I received a high recommendation to see A & C Performance. Upon my internet research and VCA posts they appeared to be the Best of the Best.
To start off…the genius owner (Todd) and his 3 Team members all had enormous Passion & Desire to find the problem and resolve it. Todd could only produce 300 HP on the Dyno doing a partial pull. He felt the problem could be a lean gas problem, vacuum leak, split second timing issue, boost problem, air/fuel ratio problem and the list goes on. The Viper was on the Dyno for 3 plus hours and past closing on a Friday. Todd would neither give up nor his team members. They still had High Passion as though it was 9am in the morning…plus an extreme positive attitude. After trying nearly everything he stated let’s take the factory air box off the Supercharger inlet. I believe we have an air flow problem! A Dyno run was then done and the Viper produced 551 rwhp… Problem resolved!!!!
Upon looking at the elaborate Paxton air box it was discovered that the flat K&N filter was put in wrong by the past Tuner (upside down), which blocked air flow. They then put the K&N filter back in the air box with the proper side up, reinstalled the air box and ran another Dyno pull, not taking any chances. Results produced were 542 rwhp on my heat soaked Viper.
Note: to add insult to injury: The past Tuner had removed the air box 4 times due to a fitting and ripped gasket problem. However, he never noticed the filter in the housing was upside down, impeding air flow.

Todd and his Team Members are Outstanding! The shop is immaculate with all the latest high tech gear. Check out their website, you will be amazed… or goggle or check vendors at VCA
5 Diamond Award! Todd and his Team members will be my new tuner for all maintenance, upgrades and repairs. One Team member is also a “Fabulous Fabricator”.

A&C Performance in Murrieta, CA …has received my rating of 5 Diamond!


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