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May 12, 2014
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I have posted this thread before against Racing Solutions RSI , but I deleted it upon a request and a fake promise from Will of RSI. 18 months ago I paid RSI 9250$ as down payment , sent them my engine along with AEM new gaskets and bearings sets to build me and engine.They stole my money and parts . Two months ago when I posted this thread , Will asked me to call him . I did . He apologized for " delays" and asked me to delete the threads , and that he'd need one month to " get my engine ready or give me back my money" . I deleted all the posts .Ignoring all people who asked me not to. One month passed , never heard from them , after days of trying to get in touch with them they tried to buy more time but I refused . I asked for my money and parts back here's what they said :


After deleting the original post , I got several emails from well-known people in the viper world asking me why I deleted the post , I told them about Will's promise to me here's what some of them said :

- " Do you expect them to return your money ? They stole more than 15000$ from the VCA in ads "

-"RSI sent us a crankshaft to nitrate , we did , then they asked us to send it back , they said they'll pay us later , we did . They never paid us , ignored our emails and calls "

-"They asked us to use certain brands like the CP pistons against our well , when failure occurred ,they blamed non-trust worthy pistons and blamed us for using them in the builds" << former engine builder for them

I still wonder how can Will sleep at night knowing that someone is suffering because of him.What if his wife and kids knew one day that it's not good money he's earning ?

here's my original post from two months ago :

" I went to bed dreaming of reading Racing Solutions on my engine's valve covers but i woke up empty handed"

My name is Mansour.I have 2006 supercharged Dodge Viper.Last year I decided to give it more boost. I called several companies looking for 522 short block that could handle 1000 HP.I decided to go for Racing Solutions after the sweet words and promises Will gave.On July 2013 I called them back to place the order he gave me higher price I reminded him of the price he gave me on our first call and he lowered the price.After making the downpayment.I decided to send a diss-assembled engine to them "except connecting rods" with new sets of gaskets, bearings and used AEM " we will check it for you they said" .So that they would install heads,intake,etc and then they would send me back a complete engine. I asked them what should I send ,Will said send everything you've got .They said they will give me credit for the new or used parts they are not going to use.I told him about some missing parts like the timing cover he said we will take care of every thing,i can get you a used timing cover for 250$.So,I prepared the engine and waited for them to find a shipping company .It took them four months to find one.During this time I tried to find Will but I couldn't . He didn't reply to my emails messages or at the office after the downpayment. I asked his brother Paul if I could cancel the order he said you can't.I told him it took a long time and he said we will give you free online tune for being patient with us.During this time I asked them " will the engine you send me have the same block # as the engine i will send you ?if yes i will not have to pay customs when it comes back ,it will be "repair and return" they said we don't know if the numbers on the blocks will be identical.On November,they found a shipping company .They picked up the engine .On January it arrived at racing solution facility they checked the parts and said that all the parts I sent were useless except for the cylinder block and crankshaft.They said if we were going to send you a complete engine,we will charge you another 14700$ . They sent me an estimation of that amount and added 200 dollars to the shipping " btw,the timing cover in the estimation was 1045$,not 250$ as he promised to get me".At first,they gave me the impression that it's gonna be easy to make me send the parts " send every thing you've got,you're gonna be satisfied with the result". So,I said to them let's go back to plan A.Just send me a short block. They said if you don't want us to use your cylinder block and crankshaft we will charge you extra $3,500 .He said we need a crankshaft and a block for this engine build.I reminded him of my first call when I asked "how much is 522 cubic short block?" he did not mention with core .And how come its not mentioned in the invoice. And if it was true that they needed my cylinder block and crankshaft from the beginning , how come they did not mention it when I asked if the cylinder block they will send me back is going to have the same block number as the one I am going to send .He said I am sorry for this miss understanding but you should've known. I told him I chose you although your price was little bit higher than other companies,if your price was a lot higher,i would've chosen Roe Racing with a difference of 3000$ .And because you said you have two professional NHRA engine builder. He said comparing the engines we build to the engines Roe Racing build is like comparing your Viper engine to a Honda Civic engine.So I said ok use my crankshaft and cylinder block.Then he sent me a link to follow up with my engine build up.The promised date was the 31 of March ,two months later ,and I was checking on it every day.Until the promised day arrived and nothing has changed.I called them several times , no answer.I emailed Will and he finally replied after several emails. They said we had some issues with our engine builders"the NHRA professionals"  and they cost us more than $250,000 loss.But we are back on track " shouldn't I've been informed about this since it concerns me?".I asked him again if I could cancel my order but he said if you want cancel we would charge you "as if it was my fault".He said he will go on with this engine built. It has been more than 2 months since he said that.now I can't find him I call him but he does not answer. I called the office about his brother says he's not there .I emailed him but he does not reply .I send him messages on he does not reply.2 weeks ago I called his brother and I told him since you are going to need the block and the crankshaft for this engine build ,please  send the rest of the parts to my friend in your state.He agreed .after 5 days of follow up they said they sent the parts .I asked for the tracking number several times no response .And my friends who was supposed to receive the parts 20 days ago did not get any thing yet.Btw,two months ago i asked Will if i could cancel,he said he will charge me.three days ago i said ok go ahead cancel my order , how much do you want? His brother said "Will said we don't cancel engine builds"


Bottom line , It has been more than a year .They took my money , they gave me unkept promises , they have my engine,gaskets,bearings,and AEM .They ignored me me , lied to me , tried to milk me in every possible way . I have phone bills that show I used to call almost every day for the past year , I have more than 50  un-replied or ignored emails and messages.

I've been a good customer for PartsRack since 2006 , DC performance and Roe Racing too and lots others.


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