NEW 800 RWHP GEN 3 TURBO SYSTEM - in Progress

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Jul 16, 2002
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California (north)
NEW 800 RWHP GEN 3 TURBO SYSTEM - in Progress

There is a definite void in the Viper Power adder market. Many people do not like the choices, The recent TVS Blower shows there is a desire for something new and the thread got me thinking:
Paxton – heat soak, limited scalability, belt slippage, parasitic losses,
Twin Turbo- no DIY solutions, requires car to be shipped for install, costs $20,000 +

There is a need for a power adder that gives the following:
Low to No parasitic loss –
Adequate cooling – no heat soak
Instant torque – like a roots/twin screw blower with 700-800 RWTQ by 2000 RPM
DIY Bolt on – can be installed in 12-16 hours – a weekend
Non invasive – install requires no major surgery
Drive-ability – Tune supplied – no problems – no issues – just drive…FAST
Upgradeable – a scaleable system that allows ones investment to be added to the original, instead of discarding the original when a more robust higher HP solution is wanted

But , lets face it, due to space limitations and other factors, a TVS or Whipple or AutoRotor solutions for the Gen 3 or Gen 4 viper is not going to happen.
None of the big or small companies can see an ROI on the capital investment required to make the kit viable with all the factors involved. Even a company that already makes these systems for Gen 1 and 2 Vipers and Viper trucks can’t see a way to get a kit that will work and fit out to the consumer.

So this brings us to the question – What do we do?

We do this,
Find the most resourceful and creative Turbo installer/system creator -
Paolo Castellano
Have him design a Twin Turbo system for the Gen 3 Viper and add in a new patented device that spools turbos to max boost light a twin screw does!

Paolo has built mega horsepower Gen 2 Viper systems 1400 – 1500 RWHP solutions, innovatively packaged, and he sees no limitations , only solutions, side mount, front mount, rear mount. Paolo knows how to get the job done.
Here are some pictures of just a few of his Turbo installs, literal works of art.

Next we need to take advantage of a few pieces of new technology:
A special patent pending device that makes any turbo spool up to boost twice as fast as normal to help create twin Screw TORQUE on TAP from a turbo system.
Oil-less, water cooled Triplex Ceramic ball bearing Billet Turbos from Comp Turbo


Historically, the use of engine oil to lubricate the floating sleeve and stationary thrust bearings in commercial turbochargers have rise to a number of operational problems. To prevent oil leakage into the compressor and turbine casings, piston ring seals are employed in commercial turbochargers. Since the piston ring seals are not positive contact seals, there is a small leak path around the piston rings and, during certain operating conditions of the engine, i.e. low idle or a vacuum in the air intake system, some oil leakage can occur. Any ail leakage into the turbocharger casings can result in the undesirable emissions in the engine exhaust.
In cold weather, there can be a significant lag in the flow of oil to the turbocharger bearings when the engine is initially started. If the lag is long, the sleeve bearings can fail on startup.
Another problem can occur when an engine is shut down quickly after being operated at high speed and load where the exhaust gas temperature is maximized. Heat transferred into the turbocharger casings can cause residual lube oil in the bearing system to carbonize. This carbonization can build up and eventually cause failure of the bearings.
Notwithstanding the fact that years of development has mitigated the above named problems, there remained a motivation to remove the use of engine oil to lubricate the bearing systems in small turbochargers. Comp Turbo Technology has responded to this challenge by developing what is believed to be the first commercial turbocharger that does not require a lubricating oil supply from the engine. Lube oil supply and drain lines are no longer necessary and the turbocharger can be mounted in a variety of positions that were not possible when lube oil had to be gravity drained back to the engine crank case.
The Comp Turbo Technology oil-less turbocharger, employs the well proven TRIPLEX CERAMIC ball bearing system, wherein the ball bearings are lubricated by high temperature grease. In the oil-less bearing system, the elongated steel cylinder is provided with axially spaces “O” rings in its outside diameter that engage the bore in the bearing housing. Cooling water is supplied from the engine to a water jacket in the bearing housing and to the space between the “O” rings. This cools the “O” rings and the bearing carrier, carrying away the heat generated in the bearings. Since the bearing system is easily removed as an assembly from the bearing housing, the bearings can be re-greased at appropriate intervals to extend their service life indefinitely.
This now brings me back to – What we need…

Low to No parasitic loss – a Twin Turbo system is the only way to go, parasitic losses on Super chargers are on average 1/3 the power they create, so for a blower to give you 200 RWHP it actually makes 300 HP, but takes 100 HP to drive the blower, why give away that 100 Horsepower ! ? A 700 horsepower Paxton car is actually a *** Hp Twin Turbo car 700-440 =260 /2 x 3 = 390 +440 = 830 Twin Turbo capable
Adequate cooling, no heat soak – a 1000 HP capable air to water Intercooler 3 times the size of a Paxton unit eliminating the heat soak issues
700-800 REAR WHEEL HORSEPOWER – see Dyno graph – from tuning after 4 hours straight on a MUSTANG DYNO!

Instant torque – like a roots/twin screw blower with 700-800 RWTQ by 2000 RPM – patented device that spools the turbos sooner and faster than any other system
DIY Bolt on – can be installed in 12-16 hours – a weekend – Solved!
Non invasive – install requires no major surgery – Solved!
Drive ability – Tune supplied – no problems – see dyno graph – tune test bed turbo car has 15,000 miles on it in the Florida heat with a tune that is running on and proven safe for the cast stock pistons and rods in a Gen 3.
Upgradeable – a scaleable system that allows ones investment to be added to instead of discarded when a more robust higher HP solution is wanted – This system in its base form is an 800 RWHP solution , simple add ons can easily drive a motor to 1200 – 1400 RWHP with fuel system and engine build to support the system.


GEN 4 SOLUTIONS are in the WORKS with Pectel engine management and Tuning by LAMBO and Exotic Turbo expert tuner John Reed –
PM for details
GEN1 and Gen 2 solutions will be offered as well, no Viper owner will be ignored or left out

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