Planning 2023-2024 Events for Western New York Viper Owners

Bruce H.

Bruce H.

Mar 3, 2013
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Near Toronto, Ontario, Canada
If you're a Viper owners in Western NY, you're about to have local WNY Viper events and another 50 in Ontario to enjoy!

Our Viper Club of Ontario 2023 Events Calendar featured 50+ events from Windsor to Niagara and Ottawa, including over 30 social events and 18 high performance driving events on 5 race tracks. Planning for an exciting 2024 season that will now include local WNY events has already begun!

Our exhaustive member benefits & technical resources meet today's owner needs and are summarized here...

All Viper owners are welcome to join our club regardless of any other Viper club affiliation.

Learn more at, and feel free to contact me for more information.

The VCA forum was a valuable resource when I researched my Viper purchase back in 2013. I look forward to sharing our impressive club resources and camaraderie with our WNY neighbours, and helping to create local events throughout the region with our rapidly growing WNY membership! Cost is just $95, and every member will get that back and much more in value...see the links above!

Bruce Hadfield, VCO president

[email protected]

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