SCT Tuning - O2 heater malfunction


Oct 7, 2001
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Portland, OR, USA
With the outstanding pricing that Dan at Viper Specialty Specialty Performance gave on the SCT tuning package recently, I am sure there are a number of people tuning their own cars now. Let's get some threads going to share how to actually tune with this system since it comes with no manual.

With the newer PCMs like 2001's, CEL P0135 / P0155 occurs. This is the O2 heater malfunction code usually related to running headers because the O2 sensors take too long to heat up.

Is there a way to turn this off or increase the test time so the sensors have a chance to heat up? There is an upstream bank1/bank2 O2 sensor heater sensor malfunction field with value range of 0-255 and set to 124 at the factory. Is it just a matter of increasing the number closer to 255?
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