Supercharger Install!


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Apr 23, 2010
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San Diego
I've been to A&C performance several times now and every time I am impressed by the service. Earlier this year I had my 2004 viper in his shop to install m&m headers, centerforce clutch, aluminum flywheel and a tune. After that trip my car went from 470 hp to 508 hp and 530 torque. The new power was nice but it wasn't enough to beat my friends 430 scuderia. I stumbled across a used paxton and a liberty gears transmission that was too cheap to pass up. Todd called the seller to see if all the parts were there for the supercharger. He called me back and told me there were some missing parts but he could order the parts and it would still be a good deal. I brought the supercharger up to A&C performance and Todd ordered all the miscellaneous parts it was missing. I just picked the car up a few hours ago and what a difference in power. The transmission is shifting a lot smoother and now makes 665 hp and 650 torque and is tuned pretty conservatively. The car is a beast now and should be able to spank my friend's scud! As always, my car came back cleaner than when I dropped it off.

When you take your car to A&C performance, you not only get an awesome performing car back, you end up with a new friend. Todd really goes out of his way to help you out!