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Mar 7, 2016
Dec 19, 2001
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Enthusiast, from Dalton Ga. (Chatt. Tn.)

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Mar 7, 2016
    1. Roysviper
      Tony, I plan to be ther.....Am racing tonight at HOLT dragstrip, 1/8th mi track...
    2. 1TONY1
      Guys.....my apologies. I don't look at "visitor messages" If you need me my e-mail is [email protected] or PM me. Thanks
    3. BruceW
      What do you charge to clean and test a set of Viper gen 2 injectors? Could you send me a good set and I send you mine as core? Please contact me at [email protected]
      Bruce Westermo, VCA member
    4. firecatcamino
    5. RTTTTed
      I just added photo albums to my profile. Figured you might enjoy a look.

    6. 117Adrvr
      I just bought a Roe from Mike Birchfield, (then he sold his '97 B/W and bought Matt's B/W.) It is on the car and we used the most conservative tune.(Any other card rattled) The car may have an aggressive factory timing setup? (I was only 420rwhp on the dyno when I set up a baseline w/Chip that day.) I would like to have you look at it and do a tweak on it. I was there when Chip and you collaborated to fine tune his while he was on the dyno in Murfreesboro. He was happy!
      I have a couple of questions:
      1. Should I use the dip stick version of the S/C cap? or get the plain cap?
      2. What level should I use? It has 2 marks on the stick.
      3. What kind of oil should I use? I usually use Amsoil synthetic or Mobil 1.
      4. What is the trick fan/shroud combination? Mine is stock, but we put a tunable fan kit on it w/170 thermostat. It got hot(235) in Gatlinburg(100 deg outside temp) sitting at light after light, you know how it is there. I was the B/W behind/beside you in the Gatlinburg pm Parade. That was 2 cool!
      5. What is the best rear gear to use? I have a 3.46 that I (You) could put in. Presently, I have the stock 80mph @1700 RPM. It kind of bucks along until I get to 75mph, then smooths out. (Timing?)
      Any help you can supply will be greatly appreciated!
      [email protected]
      931 797-8455
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    airplanes(Mooney Bravo) cars 67 Camaro 598, stroked and Procharged 1994 Formula


    CPE Twin Turbo !!!! My old set-up: 1996 Roe supercharged GTS: 9.28 @ 151mph with nitrous / 9.68 @ 144mph no nitrous
    Dealer-installer for CPE turbos and Roe s/c's
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