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May 2, 2017
May 29, 2003
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Clear Lake, TX

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Enthusiast, from Clear Lake, TX

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May 2, 2017
    1. bluesrt
      hey you little freak, go play with the escort guys and stop acting like a complete moron ,cause i dont like you and never will punk, little viper dreamer.stop stirring up crap , im sick of you
    2. Twister
      Sorry man i had you on ignore. Yea i accept your apology and offer my own apology to you as well
    3. VYPR BYT 94
      VYPR BYT 94
      Hi Austin. I saw your post about the new yellow shifter knob. PM "Stretch" if you still have it. He wants it. I sent him the link to yourthe thread but he got it after the mods killed it. So now I think he gave up. Give him a shout. His name is Jason. Thanks, Mike
    4. Twister
      stay out of my threads you freakin clown...I dont care for you and you dont care for me...Kool..Differance is most people who dont care for some one stay away. YOU ON THE OTHER HAND CONTINUE TO BE AN ASS CLOWN. Now go play on your computer drawings
    5. J&R3xV10
      I know you get tons of PS requests but if you have the time could you PS a 08 GTS Blue ACR with white center band and red drivers strip for me?? I have been thinking about how I wanted to paint my car since I got in in 08 and I think this sounds like a winner.

      Sorry wrong area....PM SENT
    6. ferraritoviper
      Hi Austin...saw you are the photoshop expert. If I emailed you pics of my 09 Viper vert, could you photoshop it with a white top, and with a red top...and also with white "ACR" type "striping" for both white and red tops...also the ACR 'striping' in black with a black top. Sorry to bother, if not, no problem. Tks, RCK (ferraritoviper)
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    Clear Lake, TX
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