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Mar 7, 2021 at 6:46 PM
Feb 26, 2002
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Mar 7, 2021 at 6:46 PM
    1. viperstoo
      Bonkers: I have unpacked the diecast VOI 6 cars. If you still want it let me know where to ship. I’ll ship it and let you know the tracking number and shipping cost. You can wait to send payment after you get it. Unfortunately I don’t have a paypal account as I rarely sell anything. Let me know. Thanks,
      Buck Walsh
      1. Bonkers
        Sure, Ill take one. 27214 Avalon Road, Georgetown DE 19947-6532.
        May 23, 2019
      2. viperstoo
        I’ll get it out to you in a few days. I just saw your response today. Thanks.

        Buck Walsh
        Jun 6, 2019
    2. JayLFrye
      I saw this in one of your posts;
      The power port under the hood is much easier to access, but
      you need to be VERY careful about removing it. I am trying to get this nut loose to connect a battery tender. As you observed any amount of pressure moves the whole post. Any suggestions on how to remove the nut without causing damage? Thanks. Yes, I am a newbie
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      2. Bonkers
        I removed mine to install a battery tender without knowing the risk. Basically i took the biggest breaker bar i had, added a pipe to the end, and slowly twisted it off - from what i know now i was VERY lucky. If you must remove it, youre best bet is to get a buddy to stabilize the housing and just brute force it as smoothly/gently as possible - any jarring or impact can break the bolt off at the base.
        Dec 11, 2018
      3. Bonkers
        Good luck, let me know if i can be of any more help.
        Dec 11, 2018
      4. JayLFrye
        OK. It is a Gen2 and you are correct that I was going to hook a battery tender to the post. My luck isn't so good so I think I will find a way to run it from the battery. Thanks for your prompt reply
        Dec 12, 2018
    3. 70mopars
      Just posted on your conversation. Your NoV helped stir my motivation and I did just get one. I was going to send you a pic of it but haven't figured how to do that yet. Thanks again for the lists.
      1. Bonkers likes this.
    4. ViperRyan00

      I did a google search on this VIN 1B3ER69E9YV605003 for a 2000 GTS. I am buying it this week. I just registered as a member and owner. I saw you might have some information on this car.

      The thread was dated from 2003. I was just wondering if you ever got any additional information on this Viper.

      Thank you!

    5. Redviper04
      My husband and I will be there. Judy Ugaz
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