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      BYAIC replied to the thread Straight Through Cats.
      Florida doesn’t have state inspection so that’s not an issue; I suppose there is a very tiny risk of an overzealous state trooper but...
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      BYAIC replied to the thread Interesting Computation.
      I drove my car on a 1500 mile trip 2 years back and for laughs I measured the fuel mileage. I was shocked! @ 70 mph in 6th gear she...
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      BYAIC replied to the thread Can a fault code clear itself?.
      Reviving my old thread. That O2 sensor CEL was gone for soooo long but it’s coming on again for no reason. I think I was a bit...
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      BYAIC replied to the thread Borla Exhaust or Other.
      Yes, they do “grow” in length as they get hot. They should be positioned closer to the front of the car rather than centered when you...
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      BYAIC replied to the thread Exhaust on a 2003 SRT10.
      Without the H Pipe; you’ll find there is a huge decrease of heat in the cabin in the summer. No matter how tight you fasten everything...
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      BYAIC replied to the thread Need Rear Tires.
      How many miles have you driven it since the new tires? I would put quite a few on her at different speeds before going through all of...
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      To each his own. I almost bought a Vette. I kept going to the dealership to see them, for over six months! I just couldn’t pull the...
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      BYAIC replied to the thread E Brake.
      It’s a hard habit to break (no pun intended), but stop using it for parking and just live your life. The Reverse Gear locks in place if...
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      Just a SWAG, but perhaps the stem is bad and you need to replace the unit. I had to replace mine because the other side, the turn...
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      BYAIC replied to the thread CAR will not start.
      Wasn’t it this generation that had the fuel pump issue of oftentimes not priming sufficiently to start the car? If it is then try...
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