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    So, I can't buy a Viper TA any more?

    The GROUP option is not the full TA PACKAGE option. I guess it depends if you want to say you have a TA or not. GTC TA or SRT TA still will get a TA number. There is alot of TA info out there if your google-fu is strong.
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    Viper Production Numbers

    Please post this over on the other site. This forum is dead.
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    ACR shirt request to SRT

    SRT doesnt read these forums anymore dude...
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    2016 ACR ride quality questions

    An thats the issue. too many people think this is like the previous ACR. this isnt a lightweight rims, slight upgrade on the brakes and wing. The new ACR is way more track focused. I think you will see alot of these driveway queens back up for sale after their owners realize this isnt a street...
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    Anyone ordering a regular ACR?

    Gotta read more man, all that info is out there. ACR normal has a bigger wing that the hideous 2.0 wing. After saying that, i have no idea why you wouldnt order the extreme version. the normal version shouldnt even be offered.
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    No Viper in Road and Track Performance Car of Year???

    Youre foolin yourself if you think the C7 is a "failure" BUT ive come to the conclusion that the C7 is for the drooling masses. The Viper is for people who are into brute force.
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    2010 production #'s...Again

    Jeff, put the information on the Production Numbers thread in the G4 section on VOA. You dont need permission to post information...
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    No Viper in Road and Track Performance Car of Year???

    SRT is already working on a "refresh" for the Viper for 2015. "Sorry about those 2013-2014s boys, heres what we meant to sell".... Its like the G3 to G4 "refresh" all over again!
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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    Hey! As long as they squeak out an ACR before stopping production I will be onboard with G5 (please let this happen but i think the TA is the new ACR) Although I guess the G5ACR will be about 150k.
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    First 2014 Billet Silver Viper

    No. Black rims / painted rims = ********. Polished or chrome rims.... Now your talking poser / ghetto rims.
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    Prices for a used 2013 Viper next summer?

    2014 GTS are 115,000-125,000 now in Canada... That was fast I think the G5 price plummet is actually going to hurt the price of a G4. With G4s selling for 70-80 why wouldnt you pay 15k more and get a G5 SRT
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    SRT is trying to get our feedback.

    SRT wouldnt use a VCA mailing list... they arent friends anymore.
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    Gen V has it's work cut out for it at the Ring...

    Maybe the ACR is dead? With the "track pack" for 2013s and then the TA for 2014 (which supposively was in the works for while and was rushed to production because of the motorend debacle) Seems like there is no room to develop a "lighter faster stronger G5". MAYBE as a G6 assuming that even...