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    Hood paint cracks

    I have a larger "Y" shaped crack in the center of the hood below the windshield and two smaller "C" shaped cracks near the front edge of the hood
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    Hood paint cracks

    I have a couple of cracks in the hood paint on my 94 RT/10, probably caused by the previous owner not shutting it properly. The cracks are hard to see unless you look at it from a certain angle. Has anyone had a clear bra installed on the hood to keep the cracks from getting worse? Seems like...
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    Viper values

    The information I mentioned above was from a copy of an article a friend had. He said he borrowed it from a third person. I don't have any other info on how someone else can view it unless you can find it online. It is obviously someone's opinion, so believe it or not...………...
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    Viper values

    I just read an article from an investment club (The Oxford Club) that stated the 1992 - 2012 Vipers are one of the top three future classic cars to invest in (the other two are the Mazda RX-7 MD and the Acura NSX). Apparently, millennials are more drawn to the Vipers than the older muscle cars...
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    Coolant type for older vipers?

    I'm not an expert, but I have a 94 RT-10 with 15K miles and after a lot of research decided to go with the Auto Zone green anti-freeze/coolant mixed 50/50.
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    94 Viper starts, dies, but then starts and runs great

    thanks again to all of you who have replied- I'll look at all of your suggestions...…….
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    94 Viper starts, dies, but then starts and runs great

    Already disabled the security system some time ago- I'll try all of the above ideas- thanks
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    94 Viper starts, dies, but then starts and runs great

    thanks for the suggestions- I'll follow up on all of them.
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    94 Viper starts, dies, but then starts and runs great

    Have a 94 RT10 with 15K miles. Ever since I've had it (about 6 years), when cold, it always cranks for about 7 to 8 seconds (I don't touch the gas pedal), then starts but immediately dies if I don't carefully feather the gas. If it dies, it will then start right up and run fine after that. I've...
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    Location of temperature sending unit on a 94 RT/10

    I had to replace the sensor on my 94- call me and I'll tell you what I had to do 719-276-1818 Don
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    No dash or tail lights

    It was the headlight switch- had melted a little bit sometime in the past and I was able to repair it. Call me at 719-276-1818 and we can talk about that and maybe other problems we share??????
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    Ignition switch wire color?

    Thanks for the info- the Viper Garage looks like it shows the two wires (red & yellow) I'll need and I think I'll use those Wire Taps- (never saw them before...)and the 30 amp relay. I'm installing the button in the cigarette lighter hole and will mount an aftermarket lighter receptacle under...
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    Ignition switch wire color?

    I'm installing a start button in my 94 and want it wired so you will turn the key on and then push the start button to start the car. You will also still be able to start it by just turning the key should the button ever fail. I did this to my 65 Mustang but the wiring was much easier to trace...
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    Gen 1 owners ... Please report

    Bought my red 94 RT/10 in January. Have had a few different older muscle cars (70 Chevelle 396, 79 Lil Red Express truck, 69 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet, General Lee 69 Charger, and still have my 65 Mustang fastback Shelby "R" replica, but the Viper is the most fun to cruise in!) Had to resolve a few...
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    Gen 1 Alarm Problem.

    My battery has a full charge but I'll keep that in mind if I continue to have issues. Hope I don't need a new control unit. Hopefully it won't do it again.................thanks for your suggestions.

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