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    VCA Drama: what are the known facts?

    Bob's little feud scenario glosses over a magnitude of larger and more serious issues with the VCA leadership, including: 1) non-existent financial disclosures, 2) manipulation and delays in distributing regional dues receipts, 3) illegal raffle operation, 4) questionable dealing with the IRS...
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    VCA legal Counsel, Bill Corum has resigned

    Rich - For those of us who got to see Chris' memo during the short time it was up, I can vouch that it was merely just a bunch of self serving drivel. It's disappearance makes it even harder for Chris to deny that he's pulling strings behind the scenes -- on the other hand, maybe he just came...
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    MCVO Separates from National VCA

    Bob - I appreciate your point that the full MCVO membership could/should have had a more direct role. If I was still on the MCVO Board I might have suggested handling the succession a bit differently. However, it still stands that our Board actively communicates with our membership and they...
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    MCVO Separates from National VCA

    I don't want to bog things down with details, Bob, but you're mixing and matching. Your first reference to the MCVO bylaws dealt with removing VCA membership rights, and this is what I first addressed. You are also correct in citing the proper method for amending the bylaws in subsequent...
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    MCVO Separates from National VCA

    Three observations: First, unlike the VCA ***, the MCVO *** communicates fully with its members. We support our Board and any vote of the membership would strongly support their action to withdraw from the VCA. Secondly, MCVO is acutely aware of their by laws. The by laws fully permit...
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    Vegas Night

    We second that, a great night was had by all! Thanks Maureen, Jess, and all the volunteer helpers and dealers. Bruce and Joan
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    2013 GTS SSG

    . . . you and the guy who bought the Batmobile at Barrett Jackson -- what's with cars in the living room?!! :****:
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    MCVO Photo Op for Chrysler - Meet tomorrow night @ Woodward/Square Lake

    Val made the 2013 Chrysler calendar with the 2nd photo above. Congrats, Val!! :2tu:
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    Leather Interior Accents?

    Hands down, Venzano is the place you want to go. Here's a link to show what he did to my interior:!?highlight=venzano. It doesn't show the steering wheel or shifter boot up close, but you can see that the workmanship is...
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    Who has a Locking Gas Cap?

    Several years ago a bunch of us were going cross country to an event and stopped in a motel. One of our guys went out about 1:00 am for a smoke and found 2 guys in a Corvette trying to put something in the gas tank of one of our Vipers (they had the filler doors of two others open). Evey since...
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    MCVO Photo Op for Chrysler - Meet tomorrow night @ Woodward/Square Lake

    Val -- Thanks. Great shots. I'd like a disk when you get a chance.
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    MCVO Photo Op for Chrysler - Meet tomorrow night @ Woodward/Square Lake

    How do we get copies of what you shot? Are you going to post them on this site or elsewhere? Thanks.
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    Yellow Venzano Interior Rocks!

    ALL -- Thanks for the compliments. KLAMATHPRO -- I'm booked on Oct. 7th, but maybe we can hook up for Waterford sometime in the future. CEJ -- Tony recommends just mild solution of dish washing soap for cleaning minor dirt. For anything beyond that, he recommends the Zano leather products...
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    Yellow Venzano Interior Rocks!

    This Summer Tony at Venzano gave my coupe the interior that it deserves. Now the inside does justice to the exterior. What a craftsman! Tony's attention to detail and superb skill really result in spectacular results. One area where I really challenged him was the rear bulkhead...
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    Best Dealer with Viper Tech

    Gollling at Square Lake and Telegraph seems to be doing a good job. They have more than one tech and I haven't had a any problems with my Gen II or Gen IV.

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