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Aug 18, 2020
Jan 3, 2012
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Aug 18, 2020
    1. 2 VENOMOUS
      2 VENOMOUS
      Sorry to see what happened that's a horrible thing!! I'm a viper owner and own a body shop in boca..I've probably meet you before at arrigo or super car weekend.. I'm sure we have mutual acquaintances..Let me know if I can help George561 926-0892
    2. HLANDIS
      Thanks for the invite! Already registered for Dream Cars. A few others from our group going also. Send me your info and we can meetup. Talk to ya later.
    3. Viper808
      Is the viper lair inside or outside?
    4. Grisoman
      Hey Wayne we met back in January 2012 at the Supercar Supershow on Flagler (I was part of the Viper display entourage with my RT/10). Glad to find you here as I know of no other Viper shops in the Martin-Palm Beach county area. I remember your 'rat' RT/10 and thought it was awesome you brought it to the show! Best. Rick
    5. JETSTAR
      I have a custom Viper and Corvette shop on military trail by the airport I also do all the airline maintenance at PBI and live next to Lion Country
      We should get together next time your down
      Wayne cell 561-307-1521
    6. ferraritoviper
      BTW, I have a house in Palm Beach Gardens...where are you???
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    VCA President, South Florida Region.
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