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    Hmm, ceramic coating

    I've had five vehicles done in the past two years. The most noticeable difference is in my 2015 RAM and 2014 TA. The Viper stays cleaner and is a lot easier to wash.
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    First shakedown of my car at a track event

    I actually like the cheesy music!
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    IPSCO Tow Hooks

    And now that you installed them you will never need them. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thank You Bill Pemberton!

    Congratulations Broom. Glad Bill took care of you like he did me on my last purchase. And I wondered when you were going to get another Viper.
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    WB Chrysler Museum Closing Its Doors For Good

    No way would they close it if it was a Ferrari museum.
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    Another Viper crash - St. Lucie, FL
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    I know a bike is different. I pay $147.00 annually for my ATV which doesn't sound bad to me.
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    No they don't. We have everything insured through USAA, home and vehicles except our ATV which is insure through Progressive.
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    I pay $800 annually on my 2014 TA through USAA.
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    1 North Carolina dodge dealer purchased all of the remaining viper ACRs & GTCs 2017!

    Re: 1 North Carolina dodge dealer purchased all of the remaining viper ACRs & GTCs 20 That's a ton of inventory. They had better hope they can sell all of them.
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    Used 2016 Price

    I've seen a few orange TA's change hands but not many.
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    Woodhouse/Arrow Mods

    Ok, here is how the warranty reads. (below). I would say if a modded car really worries you don't buy a modded car. 3. What’s Not Covered 3.1 Modifications Not Covered A. Some Modifications Don’t Void the Warranties But Aren’t Covered Certain changes that you might make to your vehicle do not...
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    Recieved a package. Very nice. Why?

    Received mine yesterday.
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    Woodhouse/Arrow Mods

    Thanks. They couldn't deny "all" warranty work. They could only deny warranty work on the engine at best. Besides I would send it back to Woodhouse for anything other than minor work.