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Feb 24, 2015
Dec 11, 2006
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New Albany, OH

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Enthusiast, from New Albany, OH

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Feb 24, 2015
    1. otterbeinjumper
    2. past ohio
      past ohio
      Never met you but I am in the Ohio VCA as well, used to live near you just south, now in Cincy, used to be president...I get a message from some Ferrari and Lambo friends in Central Ohio...I will try and attach a get together they are doing this wekend...
      This Sunday, July 25th, Columbus Cars and Coffee will be meeting at the Starbucks in New Albany (220 Market St. New Albany, Ohio) at 10:00AM. This is an informal gathering, not a cruise.

      From there, anyone interested in touring the 2010 Parade of Homes site can walk over and purchase discounted tickets. The Parade of Homes is next to our meeting location. This may be of particular interest to wives/girlfriends. Those uninterested in the homes can just hang out and enjoy the car meet.

      At noon, we'll cruise over to Cap City Diner for lunch at Morse and Hamilton Roads!

      If you'd prefer to do some driving, stay tuned. We have a couple of driving events coming up in August!

      Paul Milligan

      Columbus Cars and Coffee
    3. Phun70
      I promise!!!
    4. Phun70
      Kevan, Are you coming up to the last viper off the line event?????
    5. Canyon707
      Kevan I was looking deeper into the line lock for the SRT Viper and it seems quite different than the Ram. Let me try and explain. There are two lines that come from the master cylinder one is primary and one is secondary they traval to a ICU block which then distrubutes the lines. Two lines go to the front one for the left and one for the right and then one line goes to ther rear. The location of this is in the front of the drivers front tire behind the front headlight. I am not sure how to install a line lock on this since it has two lines that feed the front calipers. any thoughts???
    6. Canyon707
      Hey Kevan I am going to install a line lock on my viper and was wondering why the two switches? I was thinking only one is needed. I have yet to get my linelock but it should be here next week.
    7. Shutdown
      I didn't catch all of this thread. Are you making an adaptor for the 6060 for the Viper?
    8. Phun70
      yo Kevan--Whats going on man, thought I'd give a shout out and see how you were doing. Hope all is well. loved the pics that you posted. Checked with my insurance co and they had the local dodge dealer look at the car. They said 11,000 dollars worth of damage. Do you believe that ****?
    9. Mopar Boy
      Mopar Boy
      Hey dude! Was a pleasure meeting you and I LOVED your truck! Wow! SOOOOOO clean! :D
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