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    Looking for a set of H Spoke Wheels

    cmwiese- I have a complete set of H-spokes available. 9/10 condition; in boxes; ready to ship. Contrary to what the clown over on The Alley said, they're ***NOT*** "$4K or something stupid like that." I'm asking $3000 OBO. six one four - five nine six - 9336 Call or text. Thanks!
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    2014 Tail of the Dragon!

    I'm in! ....ahead of Stretch (as usual). :)
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    Trade H Spokes for 6 Spokes...anyone?

    I have a boxed set of H-spokes here that I can't *give* away, figuratively. Ebay and CL brought out the scammers and low-ballers. It's amazing that the 2nd most expensive wheels for the Viper are the least desired. (BTW- I'll trade mine straight up for a beat-up set of 6-spokes or Venoms)
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    VCA Midwest Zone Rendezvous August 9-11, 2013

    Cruise route is mapped out and ready to go! In order to save paper, please email me and I'll send you a link to the map/directions. You can either save it to your smartphone, or just plug in the destinations! (kevan [at] jemfest [dot] com) Basics: 1 hr. drive from the track to lunch spot. 1...
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    Post up the best pic of your SRT

    From a Columbus Cars & Coffee.NET meeting earlier this summer:
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    What brake fluid for 100% street driving?

    Agreed. If you're headed to the track: Motul 600. Ask Stretch how long it takes to do a full brake fluid flush. :D
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    Tail of The Dragon a must.

    "You should buy a yellow car. Yellow cars are fast.....and chicks dig them." :D :D :D
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    SRT Coupes: What is your stereo setup?

    There are ways to add UConnect to the RB1, but it is complex and expensive. The "dealer add on" kit works, but it's obnoxious and large; the one from the factory requires finding a complete working one, then complete dash removal for installation. You also get a much larger rear view mirror...
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    Crazy popping or back firing from the exhaust

    ....and the problem is ???? :D
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    SRT Coupes: What is your stereo setup?

    Yeah. Us coupe guys get the advantage of being able to hear (on occasion. LOL) I have 2 cameras on the car. Rear, obviously for backing up; front because the CF splitter on the car is uncheap. :D Just had to check. :-)...
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    SRT Coupes: What is your stereo setup?

    No. Not that one. A few other Viper owners have tried that model with not-so-good results. The one I got has received much better reviews and the seller actually speaks English quite well. :) Yes- the manual ***** and you'll spend some time figuring stuff out on your own, but....the learning...
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    SRT Coupes: What is your stereo setup?

    I'm here to help completely derail this thread...... I swapped out my POS OEM head unit with one I found on AliExpress. It's the OEM shape, OEM plug/adapter, and they even have the ballz to use the OEM font on the buttons. :) - AM/FM/CD - 5" touch screen - DVD player - (2) Video inputs; (2)...
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    Tail of the Dragon 2013 and Other AL/TN Events

    Thanks everyone for putting on the event. As usual, I had a FANTASTIC time!!! I'm thinking of starting a taxi service for Cherohala Skyway (like Sabine Schmidt at The 'Ring)....just so I can drive it every day. :D (Yes- the road is THAT good). HUGE thanks to Matt and Mike for guiding us...
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    Tail of The Dragon a must.

    Glad you had a good time and got back safely. Sorry we missed ya in the morning for the drive back, but you didn't miss much. Just torrential rain through Knoxville. :) See ya next year!
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    Tail of the Dragon 2013 and Other AL/TN Events

    There will also be about two dozen or so Viper owners there with extensive Viper-works experience who I'm sure would lend a helping hand. :D

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