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    Christmas present for my Viper..

    What kind of top is that (or should i ask who did you buy it from), i know its not a Lemke?
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    Looking for wheels and tires, 94

    I have a set of Gen. II oem's with the Original tires that look Brand New (only 8k miles on them & the wheels) but the tires would be like driving on ice since they're old & hard! Wheels look good & i would let them go rather cheap since i won't need them anymore, you would just need to powder...
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    Anyone know this car?

    Congrats & keep us updated about it after you get'er home & check'er over real good! and MAKE SURE you have a Doggie Bag in there JUST in Case! Lol!
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    Anyone know this car?

    I saw this one to & I see its Now off of Ebay so if you Didn't get it somebody else did! Not Sure I'd want a car that has had people throwing up in it a good bit though! Lol! That would be an Awesome car IF everything checked out on it but I'm Also kind of Leary paying 50k for it but I also...
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    Heart Felt Thank You To Dr. Steve Fess

    Steve=Great Guy & EVERYTHING that is RIGHT about what a Forum Member should be & the PERFECT Example of an All-Around GREAT GUY! jmo! :)
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    1997 Dodge Viper GTS // Photo Shoot in Boston

    REALLY NICE! Just thought I'd chime in, she still looks WET! Beautiful Paint Job! :)
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    Interior and exterior plastic

    I Agree with swexlin here about the Super VRT (Waaaaay over priced but also the Best & a lil' goes a long way). Allan, I Didn't think Anybody still used Armor All, Lol! That's Soooooo yesterday! :)
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    Wheel hop after new wheels and tires.... Help!!!

    REALLY Nice Collection! :) Vette looks like it's sitting pretty high though! jmo! Was that a Porsche also in the 1st Pic! Thanks for the Pics!
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    Beautiful 02 Graphite Silver on Ebay for good price

    Definitely a BEAUTIFUL car, but Definitely NOT paying 50k for it to Sit in the Garage! & if you start driving it, there Goes the 50k Value! :(
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    na vs supercharger

    Blackout, i see the 131 mph but what kind of times are you turning?
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    For Sale: Fikse, Belanger, B&B, Autoforms, Headers, wheels, exhaust, etc

    Do you still have the wheels, if so you can pm me! Thanks!
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    Ask VPA (Keith)

    thought I would Bump this, 2 weeks & counting! :)
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    Nice weather = new pics of the GTS

    REALLY NICE! I Definitely like the white stripes better than the Carbon Fiber, jmo! I also Love those wheels on the Mustang, if you put those on the Viper it wouldn't be NO stopping it! Lol! I didn't see it in the classifieds, where do you have it listed?
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    Ask VPA (Keith)

    Apparently Keith needs some HELP! Lol!
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    Ask VPA (Keith)

    I'm trying to find a part for my 2000 RT-10 & not sure what its called but its the lil' black plastic cap piece that fits on the top of the windshield Underneath the top lid. its the lil' black cap that fits on the inside of the sun-visor, if that helps. the cap goes on then you screw on the...

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