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Oct 4, 2018
May 20, 2005
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New York

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Enthusiast, from New York

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Oct 4, 2018
    1. SYNFULL
      Are you still making brackets for the Moton's? I need front for 2008.
    2. GaryE
      I'm looking to replace the tires on my 03. I have heard Pro and Cons. I'm wandering if the Pirelli is a better choice over the Mitchelin. I drive street only, no racing. Any suggestions.
    3. GaryE
      Looking to replace my tires on my 03. Heard stories pro and con. Not sure way to go. I only drive street, no racing. Welcome suggestions.
    4. IDM

      One of those guys who leaves their pm box so people like me can't annoy you huh!?
      Well I'm going right around that, and leaving you a book here.

      You told me to ask you about mods!
      What can I do to get a few more hp on my 05?
      I don't really want a catback or to remove cats. Headers are too much money.
      I was thinking of adding some big K&N filters is that a good idea vs getting the whole K&N kit? If not why not? And are there any other easy mods I can do to pick up some power/tq/responce/smoothness? Do they replace the TB or port it in this car?

      I am about to do the Coupe fuel door mod! All parts ready and drill in hand soon.
      Car is going in for warranty work this week to replace the window regulators and a couple of plastic trim pieces on the car that have cracked.

      Thank you sir.
    5. lmcgrew79
      hey im ready for that tank.
    6. lmcgrew79
      name or website of the nitrogen parts?
    7. Viper X
      Viper X
      Hi Tom,

      Could you please send me your phone contact info?


      So Cal Viper Club Prez
    8. Viper X
      Viper X
      Hi Tom,

      Michael von Quilich, a friend and fellow VCA member, would like a set of your Moton cannister mounts for his 08 ACR. I dont' have your direct email, so here is Michael's: Michael von Quilich [[email protected]]

      Tell him I referred you.


    9. CraigR.
      Hi Tom,

      I am interested in the maintenance kit to adjust the pressure in my moton suspension. Are they still available and how much?

      Thanks Craig
    10. 1HOTV10
      Hi Tom replied back to you. Thanks Glenn...........
    11. 1HOTV10
      Hi Tom!
      I would also like to purchase a set of canister mounts and Maintenance kit for the Motons for my new set. Thanks Glenn! 1HOTV10
    12. mjf6175
      Nader....hi, dropping you a note to find out how you like the Roe high flow cats with the corsa. I plan on Chuck doing this to my 08 Coupe. BUT some here have said that the high flows+corsa is tooooo loud. Also you you going to that brunch meeting this Sunday? Some are meeting at Chuck's place first. Thanks for your help..............mike
    13. N2 Vipers
      N2 Vipers
      Hi, I just ordered a set of Moton shocks from Woodhouse for my 08. I am interested in your set of canister mounts and also the maintenance kit to keep the correct pressure in the canisters. I have read your posts, but can't locate them now.......John Baird
    14. Sleekride
      How r u? I tried clicking on your link for the High Flow/Roe pipes but the link doesn't appear to work on my computer. Is there some program that has to be downloaded first? I'm interested in purchasing them and have Chuck install them while my car is at his shop. A sound clip would be outstanding.
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    2004 Black Mamba 003/200 Custom built by Viper Specialty. 613 to rear wheels and looks better than it goes if you can believe that...
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