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    Set of OEM Wheels for 98 GTS

    I have a set, with new Michelin Pilot Sports on em. PM me. Located in Texas but can ship.
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    Looking for 2001-2002 Viper GTS

    There was a beautiful 2002 red GTS in San Antonio that I looked at before the holidays. Not sure if its still for sale but I could probably dig up the contact.
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    WTB: Gen 2 GTS

    You'd likely be better off to sell the car first and put together the cash to buy a viper. The odds of finding a private seller who happens to also want your car badly enough to pay more for it than a straight sale would bring is pretty low. Or you'll get bombed by dealers who can...
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    Genuine Dodge Viper Daytona 2000 driver suits

    Just put 'em on eBay and link them here!
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    Keeping new Viper owners SAFE - a How To:

    I didn't see it here, but wanted to chime in also regarding engine braking. With a 10cyl pushrod motor you have a LOT of reciprocating mass (compared to today's turbo-4s) even when the HP is the same. Natural reaction if you come into a corner too hot is to lift throttle. In an AWD car or FWD...
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    Heat issue

    Most parts of Texas do not sniff for emissions at inspection. I know some of the DFW counties do but there are ways around that.
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    New to me '96 and 1000 mi road trip

    I decided to become a Viper owner in 1999. It's just taken me 20 years to get there! Fate smiled on me and I found "the one" online, being sold by an owner in Denver that bought it new in '96 as a dealer car. it was classified as unsold dealer stock and driven but never titled until 2009...
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    "Nest of Vipers" CL List 10/06/18

    thanks for the effort you put into these!

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