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    Hard Top for '04

    I had one on an 03. I think it was a Lemke . I liked it. You don’t remove the rag top.. it’s made to go on top of it with the top in the down position.
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    Back in a Viper, this time a TT!

    Gorgeous car. I love my TT Gen3. TT Vipers are brutal. Love the top, paint and wheels. Great aesthetics. Do you know which top that is..Autoform makes several different models for the Gen3.
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    Buying a low mile Gen 1 Viper, any tips for what to expect?

    i love that top. Which one is that?? Also which side windows do you have??
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    For Sale Rare – 2008 Dodge Viper R/T-10

    280k?? You gotta be kidding!! R/T 10?? Not since 2002!!
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    Gen 1 Seats

    How much would you want for your Gen1 seats? Are they the gray?
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    The Quest for 250 plus MPH

    Updates please!!!
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    Coupe conversion

    I’m not worried about anything like reversible. They should have come with a coupe rear anyway instead of the Dodge Stealth rear. My question is this... it’s all CF... how could I incorporate some exposed CF into the color scheme??
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    Coupe conversion

    Here is the coupe conversion.
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    Coupe conversion

    I’m debating doing the coupe conversion. Steve (flame suit on) now has all this in carbon. I owned Flatouts car. It was Steve’s products but he said there were some fitment issues but ended up looking amazing. So if I do purchase the parts. What paint scheme or what carbon should remain...
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    Motor Oil

    Ditto, T6 5/40 in my 92. Oil analysis always good. I recommend sending an oil sample at each change to Blackstone to see how your engine is doing.
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    Twin Turbo oil??

    Someone has to have an opinion.
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    Twin Turbo oil??

    What oil is everyone with twin turbos running?? I was told to use conventional VR1 20w/50. Just looking at what everyone runs. My oil analysis was great but all this stuff about 0 or 5 W for cold startups is confusing. I read all of this stuff on Bob is the oil guy and other forums and it seems...
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    "Nest of Vipers" CL List 04/18/19 (Vipers)

    Something is wrong. When you click on any above, it says the posting is expired. I have a hard time believing every listing above is expired.
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    Gen 3 2003 Differential Rebuild??

    Yes, I changed my fluid including friction modifier about 100 miles ago. Maybe it's the E brake because it's only when I'm coasting at very low speed into a parking place turning hard right. It's a grinding sound. I haven't launched hard and had no wheel hop. That's what happend in my last...

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