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    ACR Raffle is Live

    What can we say? We had full intentions of giving away a hellcat, we got an allocation, and sales fell short. We then heard the prices were too high, and no one wanted a Hellcat. So we reduced the raffle price, got an allocation for an ACR, and again, sales fell short. Ive read in the same...
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    Irresponsible Leadership

    ok! Before this devolves into "my dad can beat up your dad" it's time to close this down. Interesting points all. There are 2 open points I want to close that are open: 1) No we will not censure those we don't agree with, we'll leave that to others. I don't personally agree with some, but I...
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    Irresponsible Leadership

    Humorous. Well this is not new information, but membership dues do not cover the operations of either club, which is why both clubs have raffles, or are funded through profit on events. As you can see through our budget and through 990s, basic operations of these clubs aren't cheap. Heck, the...
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    Irresponsible Leadership

    Waaait a minute, who said anything about throwing in the towel for survival? What news am I missing? Perhaps something leaked from a conversation that started from the *** 3 months ago. What happened was this: 1) I received a call from a present *** board member where we discussed the current...
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    VCA is here to stay WORD

    I agree Granger is very well informed, relatively impartial, and a good guy (whom I have never met). IMO, I'll say at this time is be wary of anyone who says it's easier to give up and start over, when it's the same group of people that ******* it up in the first place. We are very fortunate...
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    Just Joined the VCA!

    Welcome!! We have a fun event coming up in N. TX that a few LA individuals are coming out for. I might have sent you an email on it, but if not, PM me and I'll get you the details.. Welcome and please post som pics!
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    Irresponsible Leadership

    You're right this is distasteful, but it ***** when you get bullied for 2 years and the bullying never stops, sometimes you have to punch the bully in the nose. To refute the "this is an off the cuff remark" or the fact that the actual person in question here wrote us saying the other group...
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    Irresponsible Leadership

    Like you Jeff, I came here to delete this post because it was flagged (thanks to the flagger). However, as luck would have it, the post in question was forwarded to me. What we have is a high ranking officer of the other club committing libel and defamation against the VCA with the intent to...
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    Are there any other viper chicks?

    We need more ladies... Sounds like we have 2-3, we'd need 6-9. Last time I did this we had to hire out which had its own set of issues...
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    X-Brace Powdercoating

    Wow that is slick! Nice work!
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    The 14 year hotmail embargo is ending

    Since we are bringing over a new Europe club that almost exclusively uses hotmail, someone asked the question "why do we ban hotmail" Apparently in 2001, it was a hotbed for spam, and someone made the call to stop accepting it, so it just was the way it was done... Well guess what yahoo is...
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    Are there any other viper chicks?

    I think this is a great idea, and would volunteer my wife for some Viper photos :) We used to have a printer that did this kind of stuff as a good friend, but they went out of business. So not sure how we get this done tactically. We did do a poster with some models a decade ago, it failed...
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    New Membership Categories and Membership Questions?

    Wow dude, formatting might help a bit? Also on the line on the personal attacks, could I ask you to clean that part up a bit? A few points here: 1) We try and respect our heritage here, since we just inherited this 20 year old club from others, I believe the detailed financials have always...
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    Speaker upgrades

    Wow anxious to see, sounds good so far. I had my sub replaced and it sounds pretty crappy...
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    2012 ZL1 to 2014 Viper?

    That's a good deal if my math is right on the CAD side, and looks like you're getting an ok deal on the trade (last gen vette takes a hit). You might be able to tweak a grand or more, but it walking away with a brand new Gen 5 at 42kUSD is an awesome deal. Taking the trade out of it 76k is...