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    Advice needed - fix or sell as is?

    I'd go in between the common advice here. Have it taken to a shop for a diagnosis. If it needs major repair, sell as is and disclose the shop's findings. If it's something minor, have it fixed and you'll get much better price. It shouldn't cost a fortune for someone to find the no-start issue...
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    Thoughts, Tips listing 96 GTS TNT Motorsports 90k on BaT?

    There is some truth to that if you have a very rare car that requires the right buyer. However, with the mileage and mods, your car is going to appear to the value shopper "moving up" from a Corvette, looking for a fast driver to show off. It won't find much interest in BaT, where it would be...
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    Thoughts, Tips listing 96 GTS TNT Motorsports 90k on BaT?

    No, but I already have a 92...
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    Thoughts, Tips listing 96 GTS TNT Motorsports 90k on BaT?

    Not sure what you're looking to get, but BaT is likely going to give you the least on price, and be more work. I agree...eBay is the market you're looking for. BaT values low mileage, stock cars...and prices have been pretty low on many lately (I just bought a 93 this week).
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    Engine serial Number

    Is the VIN on the engine anywhere, or just a serial number?
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    Viper gts and rt10 parts

    passenger gts airbag?
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    To sell or not too sell ?

    If it's blue w/ white stripes, it will command a premium. 100k +/- 10k is a ballpark estimate. Subtract 10-20k for any other color.
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    $45,000 Offer on 1993 Viper Do I wait for him so he can buy it?

    I think you took his offer a lot more seriously than the guy making the offer lol
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    So which Viper is or will be the most collectable?

    I think the original blue/white 96/97 gts's and 02 final edition red/silver because of their desirability already in the market, and probably a lot from Gen V. There will be a lesser desire to have the first cars from 92/93. Also, I think there were one or a couple of White w/ blue stripe 96...
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    Dodge viper office chair

    Here's a couple of pictures I found with a quick web search. I can pull out my backup drives and get the pictures of my nicer work if you're interested, it's been years since I built one...
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    Dodge viper office chair

    I've built over a dozen Corvette chairs...used to sell them. If you're interested, I can show you some of my work and discuss building one for you. If you want to buy a pair of the seats, I'll build one for you and one for me. I'll supply all the conversion parts and labor.
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    Trying to buy 2013 Viper - But was in an accident

    While the price is attractive, I'd agree on the repairs being suspect. I've repaired lots of cars, including corvettes and vipers and would never consider a patch job like that. The accident appeared light, and it wouldn't have cost that much to do it right.
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    Need 97 gts passenger airbag, anyone know where a cheap one is?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 97 gts that is not wrecked, but had a custom stereo install that deleted the passenger airbag. I'd like to return it to stock if I can find a reasonable priced airbag for the passenger dash. I'd also consider an rt10 style glove box if anyone knows if it would...
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    Gen 1 Seats

    I've been looking to have mine redone, though I'm not quite ready yet. What little research I did pointed me here: work looked exceptional, prices reasonable.
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    06 Viper Coupe being delivered tomorrow - with keys inside - HELP!

    color diff may be due to many shades of dirt/dust. Alignment obviously out on bumper due to current damage. Previous owner must have pulled the emblem? Could be prior work as well...I'll probably know more once the repairs get started (or at least after it gets a bath, lol :)

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