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    Twin Turbo First Edition for Sale

    I am definitely interested if it is in my price range! Ad still not yet approved.
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    Brake Dust Test results are in

    I used Hawk pads on my C5 Corvette for 7 years. The same set! Drove then for 70k miles and never had an issue. I did install slotted and drilled rotors at the same time. Best pads ever but be liberal with the anti-sqweeling grease.
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    car stereo / tablet install

    Love the Torque app. Cool install.
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    Wavetracs Differential, maybe not different from others at all.

    I could be wrong as I am not a mechanic but aren't most modern high performance LSDs' speed sensing? I would assume that if it doesn't sense speed it will act abnormally or not work properly? I could be wrong.
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    Any history of wiring issues on Gen 4s?

    Jeez bite my head off. Obviously I wasn't positive and simply relayed what I was told. I never said this is 100% accurate and to take it to the bank. Relax bud. Have a drink Gen 4 Police of THESE VIPERS.
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    Any history of wiring issues on Gen 4s?

    Someone mentioned that these Vipers have Lucas Electric wiring and that they are garbage. Not sure on the validity. Love your videos by the way :)
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    paint issues--please help

    This is a travesty. I would be freaking out on them if they gave me this run-around after spending 140k. So what was the purpose for special dealers only to be branded official SRT? Just to make more money by the dealership paying a premium? What a crock. Best of luck sir!
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    Dash question

    No offense but how can you afford a Lamborghini, new Gen V, etcetera, be a lawyer and can't figure out your cars menus?! I'm just giving you a hard time :)
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    What makes the Gen5 worth $100K?

    I would hardly call a large African American woman named Shaniqua who was putting the Gen 4 engine together on the mega factories show, a craftsman.
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    LE # 144 in my garage...

    God I hate it when people tease you with deals they got and then not tell you what they paid how how much they got on trade in.
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    Is Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

    I have to say I hated the rear end in drawings but seeing it with the bottom as a painted insert in gloss black, it looked a lot better. Would look really nice in gun metal with that black rear insert. And at nearly 1/3 the price of a loaded GTS, I'll take one, but not until a Z06 or ZR1.
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    VERY good info on gen 5 Vipers right here!

    Blue with white stripes is where it's at. Yellow hides the beautiful body lines. I've never been a huge fan of school bus yellow.