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    Gasoline pressure control valve

    Hello guys, I went with the delay timer (ELK 960) solution. It "kinda" works, which means it start from scratch, but provided you get a good 5 to 6 seconds fuel primering time. Why I have chosen this option? Simply to avoid disassembling half of the car... I would recommend the technical...
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    Wheel Alignment Pricing

    I couldn't agree more with you on your remark concerning the "Viper Tax". As if Viper owners were billionaires :eek:
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    Wheel Alignment Pricing

    Hello all, That's something I will do over here in Europe (Slovakia to be precise) in a few days, and my good guess is I'll be good for about 50 Euros (about 60 Dollars) and maybe 2 hours at most. I'll keep you posted. But in any case, the 3 figures I read from you guys (in America) for the job...
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    RSI spark plug wires

    Hello there, I honestly don't know the RSI brand you mentioned, but have replaced the original wires (24 years old) on my GTS with the Quality Wires and am very satisfied with all aspects / functionalities they present. I would definitely recommend them to you as a an excellent pick. Regards...
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    Viper values going up

    Totally agree with you on this one MoparMap.. Though I'll keep gushing over Gen2s in general and on GTS in particular ;) I'm a "biased owner" that's right :usa2:
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    Future buyer here. What is current fair market value for 96 GTS

    Hi MoparMap! Well, don't you remember me? The topic called "the mileage question" about 9 to 10 months ago? You wrote to me about your 71' Vette and also your Dart :) So, yes in short I am your European cousin! And really appreciate my 97' GTS :usa2:
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    Future buyer here. What is current fair market value for 96 GTS

    Wau! I actually didn't know the reason for such high taxes. Protectionism sure fulfills the "culprit's role" on this one... As for retracting obsolete laws, well, why oh why would any government renounce making money? After all, governments are living on our money, ain't they?
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    Future buyer here. What is current fair market value for 96 GTS

    Hi GeeTeeSSS, What country are you from then? Is it (after 25y of age) a total FREE OF TAX / VAT import situation? Thanks for commenting / developing. I appear to myself to be one of the only crazy persons to purchase a 97' GTS (24y old) from the USA and import it to Europe where I got the...
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    Future buyer here. What is current fair market value for 96 GTS

    MoparMap, I need to repeat some of your last words you wrote : "everyone wants their cars for different reasons". Indeed. Indeed. A 96' GTS with x-miles is definitely going to be in gen4 territory with the same or even inferior mileage. But the point here is that a Gen2 GTS is a legend which...
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    Gasoline pressure control valve

    Hello all, On Vipers, we have this well known issue (over time) that the gasoline pressure control valve is no longer holding fuel pressure at startup... It means starting after either cranking several times or primering the fuel system repeatedly before firing up (the 4th or 5th time). My...
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    The "exhaust tips" question..

    Hello all Viper fans! On a Gen2 GTS, I was wondering for all of you who DO NOT run the stock exhaust tips anymore, what is the diameter of the exhaust tips you now use? Could you please send me some measurements in inches? (4", 4.5" etc.) I am about to purchase some exhaust tips and do not...
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    VCA Renewal Gift

    Hello MoparMap, I know I am over in Europe and my Viper isn't yet at home... But it has arrived at Rotterdam's port today after a long sea trip (5 weeks) from Elizabeth's port (NJ). My question is about the "coin". How does it look? How could I get one? Please send me all the details you have...
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    Kickin' COVID Viper Style!

    Kiddos! Vaccine might be a good thing.. But the Viper will always be the real thing :1up:
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    The "mileage question"

    Thanks for your update man! I'm glad to hear the VCA community is well alive and running! Based on all the comments and valuable information you guys have sent, I will definitely pay attention to all the factors that could make a Viper drive go wrong : Tire manufacturing year, thread and...
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    The "mileage question"

    These cars were made to drive :usa2: And guess what.. They will :2tu:

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