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    Vipair Gen 4 Hood - Black

    I'm in the hunt for one but I'm located in Virginia. GLWS nonetheless!
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    WTB Black Gen 4 Hood

    Searching for a black Gen 4 hood for my Gen 3 Convertible. Please pass on any leads or links of sellers. Many thanks in advance.
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    Total Speaker Upgrade to your Gen 3 Convertible

    I'd like to address specifically those of you who drive a Gen 3 Convertible and if you have performed a complete speaker upgrade. Can you provide make and model of those speakers and also what amplifier (if any) you upgraded to? Thanks!
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    Continental Tires vs Michelins

    I've heard recently on Facebook that some folks are running Continental Tires and getting good reviews. Are any of you using this brand and if so, what set up did you go with?