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Sep 29, 2015
Jul 23, 2009
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Urbandale, Iowa
Business Owner. Viper Specialist ASE Certified Do

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Enthusiast, from Urbandale, Iowa

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Sep 29, 2015
    1. Froojdh
      Hello, iam serching for ECU pinouts for viper gen1, do you know were i can find this?
    2. Mopar Boy
      Mopar Boy

      Been at Carlisle so I could not respond! Was nice seeing you again and yes, have we will party again at VOI! :yay:

      And belated Goodbye as well! :D
    3. mike & juli
      mike & juli
      Hey Phun~
      Sorry, I got your message late, but I see below that MoparBoy is going, and Stretch cannot. Have a blast, this is late, you'll already be there today----tis a sad day indeed, but enjoy (?) what you can!
      ALL my best~~~juli
    4. Mopar Boy
      Mopar Boy
      Yes sir. I will be there! See you later in the week then!
    5. Stretch
      Dude! I'm jealous that you'll be at the final event this week. I can't get out of work that day and I was just up there for a plant tour 2 months ago. Take pictures and post them!
    6. Kevan
      Hey Phun!
      I just sent the PDF to Rachel for approval.
      I'd love to come up, but......she's the boss. :-)
      I may go solo if she bails, but only if you promise I don't have to work on your front fascia. LOL
    7. costanZo
      Hey Mark,

      I want to thank you for all your help. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to talk with both my father and I as much as you did.

      I decided to have my car towed to Steve Heitz up in Belmont, NH. Heitz is one of the best Viper Techs in the area. I'm pretty sure I was told he used to be a mechanic for Fitzgerald Motorsports and his new shop is about 75miles from my apartment. I actually had my car brought to him 2 years ago to install my cats and exhaust system. So I figured this would be the best and safest solution. I'm having my friend Martin come over Friday morning so I can use his AAA membership to have my car towed. He has the "plus" membership which gets me 100 miles for free. Since I just have the standard membership I only get 3 miles for free with each additional mile costing $4. So it seems like the best decision considering I'll be saving about $300. haha

      Thanks again for all your help! If you're ever in the area by Boston let me know. Some cold beers are in order. :2tu:
    8. Phun70
      I will be sure to check it out. We got back with no further problems, we did get caught in a hell of a downpour when we hit Iowa, but other than that, no issues. It was great meeting you guys and we had a fantastic time!!!!
    9. Stretch
      Hey Phun! Hope you made it back safely. Mopar Boy posted a sweet pic of your car & his from late Saturday night in the official pics thread. Check it out it's real nice.
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    Urbandale, Iowa
    Business Owner. Viper Specialist ASE Certified Do
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    I own and operate a small auto repair facility in Clive, Iowa. A suburb of Des Moines.

    Cars, Guns, Stunt kites, Movies


    Dip me in honey--and throw me to the lesbians.:nana: