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    Clutch Issue with 2001 GTS

    Just circling back to let people know what the fix was. There was some fluid underneath the car, right below where the ***** cylinder is. The reservoir was empty, so sure enough the ***** cylinder had begun to leak. I got a replacement throw out / ***** cylinder from Roe and that fixed it...
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    Sunglass Holder Elastic Fix

    The elastic edge on My 2001 GTS Sunglass holder on the roof has lost its elasticity and just hangs down now. Anyone know of a good fix for that?
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    Clutch Issue with 2001 GTS

    Good to hear from you again. Would you recommend anyone local to do the work?
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    Clutch Issue with 2001 GTS

    Was pulling the car out of the garage a few days ago. Pushed in clutch, started car, put shifter in reverse and let out on clutch. Normal let out on clutch, pulled out of garage slowly, but then pushed in on clutch and nothing happened. Still headed right for my other car! Yanked it out...
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    Viper pricing

    I think you are misinterpreting the actions of most Gen 2 owners. I bought my 2001 Gen 2 GTS Viper used in 2005. I could have bought a Gen 3 for less, but I liked the Gen 2 better, so I paid more for what I wanted. Most Viper owners do not buy the car as a daily driver. They have enough...
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    Anyone Selling Their ROE Supercharger?

    I'm not surprised that you have so few responses. Roe SC is a great addition.
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    96 Twin Turbo Photo Shoot

    Awesome! I'm concerned that you have to work on getting Girls! Just drive around the block!
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    Check PartsRack and TireRack.
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    ROE install. Car won't start. Need help ASAP

    Yeah, now comes the fun part! Go smoke your tires. But be careful!
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    Anyone gone down this road?

    Have you burped it correctly? My guess is you have air in the cooling system. See:
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    Hi-Flo cats for SC viper?

    I've got an 01 Roe SC car as well. I put the RT high flow cats in even before the SC. Zero problems with the RT cats. The MUCH lower side sill temperatures is a big big plus. No more burning your leg getting out of the car. Sounds better as well. High flow cats should be one of your first...
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    First seen GTS-R photo

    Wow! Made my day. Great pics Nadine!
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    What's a "Lemans nose"?

    And it looks so FINE! Got to get one of those....