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    Racing simulators...

    I went with the Fanatec system - Elite wheel and pedals, full Rennsport cockpit, Forza4/XBox. Almost set-up now...
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    Racing simulators...

    So I'm in the market for a killer racing simulator. Any suggestions track rats??
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    NARRA Daytona.... Whose going??

    Going! 180MPH on the high banks...
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    Daskalos wins World Chanllenge event in Viper

    SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge Impressive as a privateer!
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    Is this really going anywhere??? Skip tried a version this - didn't work...
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    Video: Viper Cup Year In Review (ACR-X)

    Not me... Dodge is off base with Viper Cup. VRL should be the focus...
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    Viper Days "Winterfest" @ Sebring Jan. 12-16

    I will be there in a Comp Coupe...
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    The future of tracks

    A camera won't help you get out of the car...
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    re-programming for new key fob for '96 GTS?

    The plastic ring on my key fob broke so that the ring is no longer attached. I ordered a new key fob, but am guessing the dealer will want me to bring the car in to program it. Anyone here how to do the programming so that I don't have to run the car in to the dealer? thx, Rich
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    NASA Mid Ohio Report

    Who was in the CC? I think I need to give NASA another look... Except for the 1st lap bump... didnt like that
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    Need help finding a rear wing

    Call John Archer 2187274806 and ask about the carbon fiber "McCann" wing of mine he has for sale. It's the best GTS wing hands down.
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    Mid-Ohio IndyCar and World Challenge this weekend

    Anyone here going to watch the World-Challenge races at Mid-Ohio this weekend? There's supposed to be a Dodge Corral, but I'm haviing trouble getting the SRT folks to confirm... Anyways, I have a ton of track time there, but am getting to ride in the 2-seat Indycar tomorrow - should be a hoot!
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    Any Interest in Nelsons Ledges in Early October

    Frank - what date(s)? 10/9 might work for us
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    SCCA Watkins Glen STO Report

    Nice work David! Thanks for sharing.
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    ACRx's at NARRA/Viper days Gingerman (pics)

    Hey Leslie - Ben and I like our "little" trailer too :) Cheers, Rich