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    2004 Heat from Exhausts

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I dont know much about H pipes or any of that. But I will do some research. Thanks. =)
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    2004 Heat from Exhausts

    Hi. I've got a 2004 SRT10 with too much heat coming out of the sides (just above the exhausts). The average weather here is well above 100 F. I was told to wrap the exhaust pipes with heat insulation. If anyone has done this, can you please share? Thanks. Shaf3i.
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    Bonnet shakes after startup. 2004

    Hi ev1! Glad to be part of the group. 2 things. 1-im taking my 2004 conv Viper for her Airbag Recall. Anything i should know b4 taking it? 2- i tried the higher octane fuel. 98. I usually put 95... after 98, when i turn on the car, the entire bonnet shakes madly. It shakes less after giving it...
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    Best website2Buy Parts for my 2004 Conv. SRT10? =)

    Thought u were being sarcastic at first =P LOL. thx. I found some good groups on FB... summitracing has nothing... viperstore was good and moparonlineparts looks good as well =)
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    Best website2Buy Parts for my 2004 Conv. SRT10? =)

    Hi. Where is the best place to find new or even used parts? Thanks. =)
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    Best way to store a Viper

    I know ur post is YEARS old. But I read ur comment, and I just happen to finish reading the 2004 Viper's Manual in bed last night, right after reading ur post. And i just HAD to come back here and reply... So the MANUAL itself suggests 2 things: 1- Buy 4 pieces of wood, each piece must be the...
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    New Owner - 2004 - Any Concerns?

    really appreciate it! thx.
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    New Owner - 2004 - Any Concerns?

    Sure. It is a low mileage, yes. 31,000 miles... So how exactly do you want me to check the Bolt? And is there a specific Torque to tighten it to? Thanks!!! =)
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    New Owner - 2004 - Any Concerns?

    Hi there. Just purchased my 2004 Dodge Viper Convertible. Silver. Is there anything I should be concerned about? On my list: 1- Get AirBag recall fixed ASAP. 2- I heard that Window Regulator problems are common. Are there any signs that my windows will stop working? Or do I have to wait...

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