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    My Fellow was a GOOD run

    Thanks for the video. I have to say I prefer the versions with Bocelli sining it solo. Nothing against Brightman, but the conductor of this version took this lovely, flowing aria and tried to turn it into a plodding march. Just not musical.
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    Gen I, II or III...decisions decisions.

    Gen 1 and 2 = Narrow foot well and pedals pushed awkwardly to the left. Gen 3 = much better pedal position, more HP, real top, real windows, etc, etc. IMO the only benefit to the Gen 1 and 2 is the visual styling. Even then it's a matter of taste. I actually prefer the styling of the Gen 3 and...
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    Build thread for my accident repair.

    It would be cool to have the skills to do a job like this. Wish I did. lol
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    A Nice Evening...

    Great pic. Beautiful
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    Kelly blue book is always way low on Vipers. NADA is closer. Black Mamba is a pretty desireable model, only 200 ever made. White Mamba is even more desireable by many. I would guess 47 to 48 is not a bad deal. 52 is on the high side, but not crazy.
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    Value question for rebuilt Viper

    Yes, I think your a bit low. I would start at 42 -45. Actual salvage cars (not rebuilt) are priced over 30. Milage is a little high for a viper, which I also think is crazy. Would a normal 10 year old car with 39k miles be considered high milage?? Silly Using this example. The general rate for...
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    Bravado Banshee...I won!

    170k! Wow.. I would give you about 17k because it's gonna take a lot of money to fix that.
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    Chris Marshall Alley Post

    Thank you. There is good moderation and poor moderation. This was of the good variety. :2tu:
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    opinions wanted

    Don't know if I can post pix here or not. That is basically what I did to my car, so I can give you some insight. First, I personally don't think the blacked out rear on the roadster looks good. The coupe rear looks great like that because there is not as much deck space so not so much black...
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    Viper with Thunderbirds F-16 "Viper"

    Awesome. I loved that show.
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    SRT Viper Sportback Revealed, Headed to New York Auto Show

    SWEETT!!!!! I gotta have one! Any word on pricing? i hope it's under 150k. :)
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    Coupe Rear Conversion on Convertible

    Yes, that car looked spectacular. But I think Lempke made it and now he is just working on the Falcon. Rocket has since redone another with the Vipair kit. Pretty sure he posted about it on this board. I seem to recall he said it took some work to get the body panels to fit right.
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    Classic Muscle vs Modern Muscle

    I bought the Viper first. Now have my eyes set on a 70's 'cuda. But in the end, you need to have them BOTH!!! (Still trying to explain that concept to my wife)

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